What I Ate Wednesday!

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Breakfast (9:30am)

Same as always!  Porridge with light soy milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon.  I also took an iron supplement & my prenatal vitamin and downed two big glasses of water!

Lunch (12:50pm)

A Caprese sandwich!  One of my favourite lunches...the Food Doctor wholegrain pita bread with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil & salt.  Soooo good!  I also downed another big glass of water!


Snack (5pm)

I didn't have my snack till a lot later because we went out that afternoon to get ant spray (ughhh...we have an ant problem in our kitchen!!) and raspberry leaf tea because we've been reading that it softens the cervix and is supposed to help naturally induce labour!  I drank a cup with my snack and forgot to take a picture of it...it's pink and actually tastes good!  Like raspberries (duh)!  Needless to say it didn't work though it did make for a very refreshing drink, ha ha ha :)  For my snack I had a bowl of red grapes and an Alpen apple & sultana bar...we just bought these this week and so far I am loving them!  

Dinner (8:30pm)

This has become a staple dinner of ours -- baked salmon with sunblushed tomato dressing, boiled new potatoes and baby spinach & tomato salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing (homemade).  The fish we get is from the brand Saucy Fish Company and it is so good!  You get a little sachet of dressing with it to pour over and it only takes 20 mins to cook in the oven.  I am obsessed with salmon and Jofus is a huge potato fan so this dinner really works for both of us!  I also generally try to sneak spinach into a lot of our meals just to bump up the iron in my diet and so far the hubby seems not to mind ;)  With my dinner I also drank another big glass of water.

Dessert (10:30pm)

I've really been craving all kinds of pretzels lately!  Chocolate covered or plain, it doesn't matter...I love them all!  These were the Penn State Original kind and they are super yummy and not very high in calories either so they made for a great evening snack while watching some crappy TV (Grimm & Perception...I don't recommend either but they're helping to tie us over till Dexter returns next month!!).  Another snack I've been loving lately is Kelkin Lo-Pop Micro popcorn!  It's the lighter, low fat version of their regular popcorn, it actually tastes amazing and a whole packet is only 306 cals...it's Jofus' new favourite snack!  He's lost so much weight recently and really looks amazing IMO, I am so proud of him :)

With my pretzels I drank another tall glass of water and that completed my 2L goal for the day!  If I've developed one healthy habit during this pregnancy it's definitely been drinking more water.  I was NEVER good at this...there were days when I wouldn't drink more than two glasses which is horrible!  But now that I keep a 2L bottle in the fridge and fill it up every night before bed, it helps so much to keep me on track.  I have been consistently drinking about 2L a day for a couple of weeks now and I feel great!  I think my skin looks better, I feel healthier and never get dehydrated or feel as tired anymore.  Also since this pregnancy began I basically stopped drinking ANY Diet Coke.  I mean, we hardly ever bought it for the house but occasionally I'd have some at a restaurant...now I don't touch the stuff.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this WIAW, feel free to link yours below or tell me what you ate today!  I would love to hear from you guys ;)

Stay Stylish!

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