Figuring it Out: Six Dogs, A Messy House and a Baby

This is the reason I haven't blogged/made a video/cleaned my house/cooked in days...ha ha ha!  But she's worth it, so I'll forgive her ;)  I'm sorry I've become such an unreliable blogger but it really is so hard to find a spare minute at the moment and when I do blogging/video making is the last thing on my mind!  I usually use up that time to either quickly clean my house, take a shower, get dressed or walk the dogs.  I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine soon!  Sometimes I think I'm going bonkers from just lying around all day being a feeding machine!  Ha ha ha...

Emilia is growing at a rapid rate -- she's already outgrown all of her newborn clothes!  Eek!  I can't believe how fast it goes!!  Right now she's in that really annoying and awkward "in-between phase" where all her newborn stuff is too small but her 0-3 month clothes are still too big.  Gah!  Dressing her and trying to find something that fits has become a bit of a nightmare so for the meantime she looks like her clothes are eating her being that they're all huge!  I snapped this picture of her this morning...she's wearing her new elephant pjs from her Oma ;)  They are size 0-3 and from M&S.  The sleeves are okay once they're rolled up but the legs are still far too long!  Ha ha.

I'm not going to lie, having a messy house & six dogs to look after PLUS Emilia is extremely over-whelming sometimes.  I feel so guilty no matter what I'm doing because I always worry that someone's getting neglected or left out.  In other words, when I'm spending time with Emilia (which is 90% of the time), I feel bad for not walking the dogs or giving them enough attention, when I'm cleaning the kitchen or spending some time with the pups I feel awful for not being with's a never-ending circle!  Thankfully, Jofus is a wonderful husband and always does his best to make me feel better.  Today he vacuumed the entire house because I had a meltdown this morning...ha ha ha!  He also took care of a horribly huge pile of laundry that was getting bigger and bigger in our hallway and then brought me a tuna wrap, coffee & a pastry for lunch.  Thank god for thoughtful husbands!!

Today we all felt a huge sense of achievement because we actually figured out a way to walk everybody at the same time!  It involves the Stokke carrier...but not with Albi in it, ha ha ha!  (Look at his little foot peeking out, it cracks me up!!)  

Like I mentioned before, I'd been feeling so guilty about the was our decision to keep six dogs and prior to Emilia coming along things were fine but in the last three weeks they had been feeling very neglected :(  It makes me sad to know this because as much as I love my baby, I still love my puppies too!  Jofus and I tried multiple ways of walking them...we tried with splitters (split leads) and without, we tried four pups and a stroller, then Albi & Sina with the stroller, we tried putting different dogs with each other, pairing up the quieter ones with the louder and then switched that around was a mess.  Everyday that went past and the dogs didn't get walked meant that they became bored, frustrated and in turn more hyper and crazed whenever we did manage to take them out. It was horrible and honestly, I can deal with a messy house but the puppies' unhappiness was really making me sad.  

So today we figured it out -- Jonathan wore the Stokke carrier with Emilia in it (not Albi!) and took Albi & Sina (because they're the easiest to walk) and I took all four pups on two splitters.  For some reason Theo and Nivea work really well together and Bianca keeps Nuvola from slowing down too much.  Also, Nuvies won't tolerate anybody else...she's kind of a brat and gets cross easily, ha ha ha!  Anyway it worked!  For the first time ever we were able to walk everybody together with relatively minimal drama/barking.  Nobody's leads got tangled up and neither mommy nor daddy got stressed out, ha.  We even met one of our friends who happens to have two Maltese when we were on our walk...yeah, picture EIGHT Maltese dogs all at the same time.  It was total madness!!  I can't wait till Emilia is old enough and can walk two of the puppies herself -- that will be interesting! ;)

Thanks for sticking with me while I figure out six dogs, a messy house and a baby!  I'm sure I'll get there eventually!  (I hope so anyway!!)

Stay Stylish!


  1. You're doing a fantastic job! Looking after a baby is hard enough let alone all the cute added extra you have. Keep going Anna :) xx

  2. Anna, you're doing so well. Don't be so hard on yourself! Ask for help! You've managed to take the dogs out with Emilia now! Things can ony get better!! It's trial and erroe

  3. I have a toddler and a teen...some days I get stressed out. They are so worth me occasionally pulling my hair out though. You'll get your routine soon hang in there. You are great parents. All 7 kids are lucky to have you. Xoxox

  4. Thank you for this post and sharing all of this, you have such a beautiful daughter xo

  5. Emilia is the cutest baby ever!!!! congrats:)

  6. I came accross this book on amazon a while ago: What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing. :) your post reminded me of it :)

  7. After watching ur vlogs its obv that u can sit on the sofa to watch tv or sit down to film so im sure u can have emilia on ur chest and type a blog post. Not really hard work.

  8. your doing amazing anna don't forget that you can always hire a dog walker or have the pups in doggy daycare a couple times a week wile u get some time alone or to do what you have to do. your doing great tho and I love your blog.

  9. Wow. You are such a lazy slob. You use every excuse in the book not to do anything. Just WOW.


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