Blogmas Day 15: Family Christmas Party!

(Sorry this blogmas is so late but we only got back from Dublin around 11pm and we're exhausted!)

Here is Emilia's pretty dress she wore to the Christmas party today!!  Everybody loved her outfit and it was a real hit ;)  The dress and striped top set is by John Rocha and is actually size 0-3 months but I knew when we got it that it looked big and had planned for her to wear this for Jonathan's family dinner.  I actually was lucky enough to find tights in the same colour as the shirt stripes in the Pumpkin Patch. (It's not pink or red...kind of an inbetween rose/cranberry colour.)  My sister thinks this outfit makes Emilia looks like a gingerbread house and I have to say I agree...I don't know why but she's right!  Ha ha ha!

This picture was taken on the way to Dublin - I am so sick of long hair!!  Not because I don't like it, but rather I just don't have the time to spend styling it anymore :(  So I just end up leaving it as is and not liking it very much!  I love long hair but it's too high-maintenance with a baby!  I want a change but I refuse to cut it freaking way!!  So I need ideas...if any of you have some, please send them my way!  Jonathan thinks I should get a fringe but I don't know...that seems quite drastic to me, what do you think?!

Here's Emilia and me at the Christmas party - note the different tights, we had a little poo explosion which she conveniently saved for RIGHT before we left the house for considerate of her, ha ha!  Just as well I had back-up!  These are from Benetton and Jonathan actually thought they matched the dress better!  Emilia had a wonderful time at her grandma's house and got to see all her aunts, uncles & cousins!  She got super spoiled with lots of lovely presents...yay!

You know I can't resist dessert ;)  This apple crumble Jonathan's mom made was delicious!  

Hope you're all having a great weekend - I'm absolutely exhausted and falling asleep on the keyboard, ha ha ha!  

Night night!


  1. Emilia needs more naps plz paya ttention to your child

    1. Please pay more attention to your grammar and punctuation.

  2. Pay attention to your own life Annon. If you can't be nice dont post.

  3. Emilia looks super cute!

    I would cut you hair.
    This length was sooo beautiful on you and it's still long.

  4. Why do you think she needs to sleep more??

  5. Hi Anna your hair looks lovely all the time. When Im having a bad hair day it goes up in a messy bun. x

  6. Your hair would look hot real short like pixi cut. Cut it short like Britney did shave it off. Such a hot mama like you, you know being a milf and all that Jofus wants to hump like a mutt

  7. Hi Annie xxx your hair looks so damaged why dont you cut it to shoulder length a line bob thats what I did when I started getting grey hair and got past 35 like you are now. Really helps when you have a young baby as little hands can't grab your hair lol xxxx

  8. Anna is 25!!! Not 35!'


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