Blogmas Day 17: How I Lost the Baby Weight!

Emilia laughed and smiled the entire time I was taking these pictures...and all I kept thinking to myself was "I never knew I could love somebody this much."  I mean really, how is it possible?!  She lights up my day with her beautiful smiley face :)  This outfit is from two lovely Australian subscribers and she looks adorable in it!  The headband is by Layniebug Designs and actually features a Maltese puppy in the rosette!  The owner Melissa made this especially for Emilia and we appreciate it so much!   

Emilia has begun to grab things lately...her toys that dangle in front of her, necklaces, my hair (ouch!) and I can see that she's beginning to make the connection between sight & touch.  It's kind of fascinating to watch!  We practised with this pink butterfly from her playmat this morning and I saw her look at it for a while, then grab it and then think about how it felt in her hand.  She would even let go and then grab it again just to go through the process all over again.  So cute!  Before this she would occasionally grab a hold of something while feeding (usually my bra/top/hair) but not really register what was happening.  Now it's like she's making a conscious decision to reach out and touch!   

I feel like all I really did today was clean - so I thought I'd document my progress and show you guys!  I like to have the house looking super clean and tidy for Christmas so today I tackled the kitchen & living area.  This is usually the biggest job as it's the largest space in the house!  I also put away all of Emilia's Christmas gifts that she's received so far, organising the clothes by size.  She got some really cute stuff!  

Here is my belly 3 months post-partum.  I filmed my Mommy Monday video today on one of the most requested topics - how I lost the baby weight.  Honestly there is no magic formula! I talk about it a little bit more in depth in the video but to give a brief overview...I now weigh a few pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm pretty sure that this is all thanks to breastfeeding.  I believe that this along with normal healthy eating (not dieting or cutting calories!), and the belly bandit helped get my body back to its pre-pregnancy form.  Hopefully some of you will find the video helpful and if you are thinking about having a baby, please don't let the whole weight gain/body changes side of it discourage you!  My pregnancy was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I would do it all again in a heartbeat :)  My body isn't "perfect" but what is perfect anyway?  It's not like I ever thought it was even before having a baby ;)  And I kind of like my new stretchmarks around my bellybutton and my faded linea nigra!  They remind me that I carried a beautiful baby called Emilia, ha ha ha!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. The coffee jug Jonathan is looking for are for sale in the shop in ballymaloe house.

  2. Awh Anna you are so right, when I look at my son I feel so much love that it's hard to explain! I love watching all your videos, especially all throughout your pregnancy! I would look forward to watching your videos and seeing your progress! My son was born just 2 weeks after Emilia so all your updates were part of the excitment as the day neared! Whenever I think of my pregnancy I think of you, because every night before going to bed my sister and I would watch your vlogs!
    -Sarah Hussain. :-D

  3. U hav loadz ov strech markz like on u tummee area it lukz not toned u need to eat sum fat u hav lost wate in a unhelthy way i can see u bonez

  4. Love your videos. Can you please do a video on how easy it was for you to conceive, as you are nearing your menopause. You look so good for a mommy of 39 please share your beauty secrets xx

  5. Lolx Anna isnt 39! Shes 25! And no where near menopause!

    Btw Anna could you pretty please with cupcakes on top do a video on Emilia's daily routine- like when she wakes up and for how long and when she feeds and how long for etc. It would really help because I've a newborn too and I wanna schedule his day like Emilia's is! Xxx
    -Sarah Hussain

  6. Anna you never talk about the benefits of breastfeeding you just keep talking about losing weight and getting your figure back. Dont you care about the benefits to your baby. Breastfeeding is not just for getting your figure back and you should stop concentrating on your weight so much I think you have a weight problem

    1. Clearly she cares about the benifits to her baby. Hence the reason she is breastfeeding.

  7. Careful with the weight loss, even if it's 'unintentional'. It might ruin your milk supply.

  8. So many negative Nancy's on here. Haters need to get a life. Anna is obviously taking about her weight on response to her subscribers questions. She is the opposite of obsessed with weight loss! It is an issue every woman faces, and I've never seen a more healthy perspective presented. Thank you Anna! I love your book!

  9. Aww Emilia adorable. Congrats on the weight loss.


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