Home Decor: Our Kitchen & Living Area!

As promised here is a much-requested home decor post!  I decided to start with the "heart" of our house...the kitchen & living area.  Our main living room, dining room & kitchen are all open plan which was probably the biggest selling factor for us when deciding on this house!  We have always loved open plan homes and it suits our family very well :)  

I would describe our decorating style as kind of rustic/vintage inspired!  I will try to give as much information on the individual pieces as possible - but if I miss anything feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook! ;)  

Here is a look at our kitchen from two different angles.  Our cushion covers are from Dunnes Stores, the kettle & toaster are by De Longhi, our tea towel is by Jamie Oliver and the spice rack is from Home Store & More.  The vase and cake stand were wedding presents from Jonathan's family!

Our makeshift changing table!  Ha ha ha...this was actually just part of the built-in furniture but has worked wonderfully as Emilia's changing table!  We store her nappies and wipes in the drawer underneath.  The cream lamp is from Dunnes, orchid is from Heaton's and I think the set of 3 hanging frames is from Meadows & Byrne.

This is where we watch TV.  The table with wicker baskets is from Atlantic Homecare, and the picture is a photograph of Central Park given to me by my brother.  I got the frame at Harvey Norman.

I am so in love with our tripod lamp!  We got it on sale at Harvey Norman and I had been lusting after it for ages!  They also sell them in black, grey and possibly cream as well.  The brown & buttermilk was my favourite!  It really warms up the room.  

Our window seat!  Here's where I display an assortment of candles & ornaments.  A lot of these candle-holders were Christmas presents and the big glass lantern is from my wedding.  We got it in Meadows & Byrne.  The framed photo is a picture of me with my dad when I was 19/20!

Our couch - this has a lot of different cushions/blankets on it that I have collected over the years!  The aqua cushion is by Laura Ashley, the small bird one is from Meadows & Byrne, the brown & aqua dotty one and the big embroidered cream one are from TK Maxx and the cream one with a big flower on it is from Hanley's Garden Centre!  The bottom blanket is from Tesco F&F and the wool cable-knit one on top is from Dunnes Stores (Paul Costelloe's Living range). 

I don't know where the hanging hearts are from - they were a present from my Oma and I think she might have gotten them in Germany!  Sorry :(  The hanging heart on the window is from my mom - again I have no idea where it's from!  And the little condiments set in a basket was also a wedding present.  

This is our dining area but the table is really messy at the moment so it's not pictured!  Here's where I have our seasonal table which looks rather empty since I took all the Christmas decorations down!  The frame was a present from my brother and has our wedding photo in it, the candle is from Hanley's and the big bowl is from Paul Costelloe's Living range.  We got the big picture as a wedding gift from a friend whose husband is a photographer.  You can check out his work here!

On the opposite wall I have another wedding present - a beautiful drawing of Albi & Sina! This is by an artist called Judy Foley and I absolutely love it!  It's from a photo of them when they were at the beach.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home!  Let me know which room you'd like to see next! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. I love your house and decorating style. Your kitchen island is amazing! I would kill for one like that.

  2. Love how youve not over cluttered your space. Looks really nice and cosy :)


  3. Anna I really really love that tri pod lamp but please move it ha ha ha it doesn't for it justice all squished up againest the wall like that... try maybe next to the tv on the right!!! Love everything else xx hope Emillia Is feeling better ;)

  4. Love it!! Would love to see your bedroom next:)

  5. Great style! Bedroom next, I'd love to see how your closet is organized :)

  6. Please do your whole cupcake room next!!;-)
    Greetings from Munich

  7. Great! I'd love to see your cupcake room next :)


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