What I Ate Wednesday

Need I even write this?  Ha ha...you guessed it, Alpen Raspberry Apple & Raisin porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and a black coffee :)  Perfect!  I also downed two large glasses of water.  About 5 of these glasses equal 2 litres, so that is how many I try to drink a day!

I had my go-to lunch of choice, tuna wrap!  This may seem so boring to you guys but I actually hadn't eaten one of these in a while as we've been having a lot of soups and pasta recently!  I chopped up some carrots to add to the tuna salad today which made it extra crunchy and delicious.  Also added some cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and light mayo.  Yum, yum! 

Chopped up Pink Lady apple and a vanilla yoghurt.  These always satisfy my sweet cravings in the afternoon...I know they have sweeteners in them and they're probably not the healthiest yoghurt out there but they're better than say, a donut or something like that instead...ha ha ha!  

My wonderful husband cooked dinner: chicken, green peppers & corn on the cob with boiled new potatoes and lemon pepper seasoning.  Yummy!

This is something I've been loving lately as an evening treat - Nescafe Decaff Cappuccino with a few biscuits in this really cute cup complete with a biscuit pocket, ha ha ha!  It's actually Jonathan's - this was his Christmas present from his sister but I'm always stealing it from him because...well, it's just so darn convenient! ;)  Today I had Hobnobs but I also love this with Caramel Digestives...mmm!  

What did you eat today?

Stay Stylish!

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