Fashion Friday: 50 Shades of Grey

Jacket/H&M, Top/GAP, Scarf/Soaked in Luxury, Boots/Chinese Laundry (LoveClothing), Jeggings/ASOS

My blog should be called 50 Shades of Grey at the rate I'm going with my outfit posts, ha ha ha!  But this and black really are the colours I seem to gravitate towards the most this time of year.  It also suits the weather - we don't get many blue skies in Ireland unfortunately :(  Especially not in winter!  

The two pups outside with me today are Nivea and Theo...don't ask who's who because in these pictures I have no clue!  Theo's the fatter of the two but you can't really make much out here other than big balls of white fluff :)  I hope you're all having a relaxing Friday!  Emilia's taking her afternoon nap as I write this and then we have friends coming over...poor Jonathan slept most of the day after not getting much sleep last night, he's also been killing it at the gym and has lost 11lbs so far - woot!  I'm so proud of him and he is looking pretty buff if I say so myself!

Have a lovely weekend and stay stylish...ha ha ;)


  1. Love the outfit of the day, :-) you look beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. So pretty! Thanks for all your inspiration Anna! <3

  3. You look lovely Anna I know you tend towards these colors during winter but bright colors look great on you too we'd love to see many different colors on you

  4. You look super nice :-)
    Ps. I have maltese too :-P my little one lays on my bed now ;-)

  5. Lol..the title catches my eyes:)
    btw, did u read this book?


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