Fire & Ice Cupcakes! (What I Ate Wednesday)

Breakfast (around 11:30am)
I ate breakfast really late today because it was Jonathan's birthday and we were opening presents this morning!  Anyway, it's the same as always: Alpen Raspberry, Apple & Raisin porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon and a black coffee!

Lunch (4pm)
Lunch was super late too!  We were going to go out to eat but then we got side-tracked with everything else going on today so we decided to stay in instead!  This is what I had - a wrap (the white & wheat is my fave!) with organic hummus, sundried tomatoes and watercress, spinach and rocket salad.

Snack (5pm)
Yeah...this is not a real snack, ha ha ha!  I spent the whole afternoon baking so I didn't really have time for a proper snack but I did drink another cup of coffee :)

Dinner (around 8pm)
We went to my mom's house for dinner and she cooked this amazing lamb stew with peas, onions & tomatoes served with polenta fried with parmesan.  It was soooo good!  This was also my first time having red meat in ages but I have to say I actually really enjoyed it!  I would probably never cook red meat because I hate the sight of it raw but my mom does it so well!

Dessert (after dinner...around 8:30pm)
For Jonathan's birthday I baked him these "Fire & Ice Cupcakes"!  They basically consist of a chocolate chilli cupcake halved and filled with dulce de leche ice-cream, topped with ice-cream again and then drizzled with ganache.  OMG.  These were amaze-balls!!  I will definitely be making them again.  I'll post the recipe here later, Emilia's fussing and I have to feed her so I can't do it right now! :(

I also drank 2L water...well, I'm currently chugging my 2nd last glass for the day! 

What did you eat today?!


  1. Sccccrummmmy!!! Sounds lovely. :) I had weetabix with semi skimmed milk this morning for breakfast, beef stew and dumplings for lunch (unusual as a lunch meal I know) :) and spaghetti meatballs for tea :)oh and I also have a 6 week old baby girl called mia :) I'm glad I started watching your pregnancy videos as now I watch you guys every day as your all such gorgeous human beings... and a wonderful family. Love Emma and Baby Mia Xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing Anna I love ur Wednesday food videos and blogs they r so interesting u r awesome with ur little princess

  3. You made a Great dessert !!!!

  4. omg Anna that desert!!!! they looked gorgeous, dunno how this May sound but i truely never thought of doing that with a cupcake yum !!!

  5. Breakfast: musli with bannana and cinamon (thanks Anna)
    Lunch: tuna wrap (thanks Anna)
    Snack: natural yogurt with raisin
    Dinner: fish with potato and cabagge and carot salat

    You inspired my daily menu Anna. Thank you so much. I brestfeding my 4 week old baby girl and i think its working good for me.

  6. Looks amazing!!! I'm a baker so you inspired me! Can I give you some advice on breakfast? I know your breakfast routine is probably working perfect for you but I'm huge on eating healthy and I've researched all that stuff lol. I actually have a food blog but ANYWAY, eating old fashioned/Irish/rolled oats is better than insant. I know you do that for convenience but you can actually make a big batch of oatmeal yourself and put in just what you want into the container and you'll have that convince that you need, but without the extra sugars or anything else that could be in there. Just an idea :) I love that you always do eat oatmeal in the morning though. It's really the best breakfast you could have. Love your blog and your channels. I've been watching you and your family for a while now. I hope to see you guys on my screen for many more years!!!


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