Mommy Monday: My Postpartum Belly

This week I thought I would give you guys a little update on my belly at 5 months postpartum.  I know I stopped doing the belly shots in my monthly update videos around the time I went back down to my pre-pregnancy weight - this was because I didn't see much point in repeating myself month after month!  But I have gotten a few requests, especially to give my review of the Belly Bandit so here it is!  

As you probably already know, I gained a total of 24lbs while pregnant and if I remember correctly it took about 2 - 2.5 months to lose it.  I accredit most of this to breastfeeding as well as moderately healthy eating.  I really don't work out, I just walk the dogs for an hour and that's about it!  Now at 5 months postpartum I weigh 2lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight but my body composition is definitely different.  My waist used to be 23/24" and it is now 25" but I also can see a difference when I look at my stomach, it's not as flat as it used to be!  I don't mind fact I'm pretty happy with my post-pregnant body :)      

I did get some stretch marks around my belly button...thankfully I didn't get anymore than that but now I do have a wrinkly old lady belly button, ha ha ha!  Here's a close-up for your viewing pleasure because nobody ever believes me when I mention it in videos or at least the lighting doesn't show them properly!

Something that I definitely do think helped shrink my stomach back to its normal size was the Belly Bandit and I wore this for about 2/2.5 months after giving birth.  I got the bamboo one in nude which is €82.50 from Jellybean.  You can also get the original Belly Bandit for €59.50 but I really liked how the bamboo fabric felt on my skin, it wasn't irritating at all and is supposed to be good for absorbing moisture and keeping your skin fresh.  This is actually quite important because I leaked a LOT in the beginning when my body was regulating how much milk to produce so the belly bandit got pretty soaked but it evaporated straight away and never felt damp or uncomfortable. 

I wore this almost everyday for the first 2/2.5 months or until I felt comfortable with my belly.  I definitely did feel like on the days I forgot to wear it that my tummy looked jigglier/bigger whereas on the days I did wear it when I took it off at night before bed, my stomach looked tighter & more firm.  Maybe this was just my imagination but other friends I've spoken to who wore it agreed!  I chose not to wear the belly bandit at night, just because I wanted to be more comfortable and unrestricted.  Not that it was uncomfortable to wear during the day but you definitely feel like your stomach is being sucked in.  However I liked this as it made me feel more confident about my postpartum "jiggle"!  

The Belly Bandit is also supposed to be good for C-section recovery and good posture while breastfeeding, although I will be the first to admit that I bought it purely for vanity reasons!  Having said that I did find that it helped keep my posture straight & upright while feeding which is very important.  (I didn't have a C-section so I can't say whether it helps or not for that.)

I get a lot of questions on how to wear the Belly Bandit - so here's how it should look when it's on but keep in mind I am back down to my normal size...when you first put it on it will look different and not as "neat".  But you should notice that you can wear it tighter and tighter the smaller your stomach gets.  It's important to wrap it around your lower ab area as well so that you are getting the full effect and the belly bandit can do its job properly!  This is visible (slightly) through regular tops and shirts but to be honest, I didn't mind that as I knew it would be worth it in the end.  

The size I got was XS but I recommend either you check out the Belly Bandit's sizing videos or get fitted professionally like I was.  Apparently you should go by your regular waist size, so that's how we calculated mine but there is a lot of info online which will help you determine which size to get.  

I know the Belly Bandit is quite an investment and I am in no way trying to claim that this alone will make you lose weight...I just think it's a great tool for helping the body go back to normal and I do believe it gave me more confidence in the weeks after giving birth.  If you have used this or something similar I would love to hear your thoughts!  Did you think it was worth the money or just a gimmick?  Let me know what you think!

Stay Stylish!


  1. I think this was definatley worth every penny , Anna you look amazing love the hair! Emilia is adorable , so exciting to see her first tooth coming up! Love you guys keep up the good work and ignore the haters!<3

  2. Looking fab Anna!! Your stomach looks great and so does your new hair!!! (im tempted to cut mine off now! haha)

  3. I think it was worth the money, i think it is a great thing.. Can you please help me? How can i lose about 7-8kg healthy? what can i eat to not being hungry? i am hungry all the time! :D Thank you! Best wishes from Germany!

  4. Your belly button looks like mine since having my little one haha! I never had a belly bandit but next time il definitely have to look into getting one they sound brilliant. You look amazing though x

  5. Anna you look beautiful!! I am a new subscriber to you you tube videos and follow you on Instagram now. Love watching/ reading about your life. I think it's wonderful that you do things to improve your body while accepting that natural changes like the belly button. I have nine children so I know what it's like to watch your own body go through a lot.
    Love your precious family!!

  6. I used the same belly bandit and breastfeeding was back in my size 8 jeans in 6days! I found I felt bit jiggly and empty after having my daughter the bandit makes you feel secure! Brilliant item. Anna, not sure if you read all but what colour are emilia's eyes now? Have they changed much? My little girl's are dark blue 3months old, but me and daddy are brown? I wonder if they will turn Xxx ps I have the same granny belly button! X

  7. Thank u so much for doing this Anna esp the close ups ur looking amazing :-) really love how ur so honest an open about it all would love to see a breast feeding routine tips for.starting. Beginners style :-)

  8. thanks for sharing. i love your honesty its helpful and real! i plan to use something similar to the belly bandit too. hope it works... sad to lose the stomach i work so hard for :(

  9. You look incredible!!Wish I had of known about the belly bandit but breast feeding really does do wonders! I've breast fed my 3 & it has helped every time :-) you are an inspiration <3

  10. Hi Anna!
    The website for Belly Bandit recommends you buy the Belly Shield to go with any of the bands - did you use it for either of you post-pregnancies?
    Thanks Ellie :)

  11. Belly bandit original postpartum belly wrap it helps get a slimmer waist, belly and hips and provides support to back, leg and abdomen muscles.


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