Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

It's Emilia's first Easter - yay!  And at 6 months old she is a lot more aware of what's going on so she actually got very excited about her presents this morning :)  The Easter bunny came and brought her a Peppa Pig egg which came with a cup/bowl/spoon set and giant blowing bubbles which both Emilia and the doggies liked a lot!  

Look what a big girl she is!  I actually can't believe how grown up she looks sitting in her crib like this...how did that happen?!  You can't really see it very well but she is wearing a warm pink Easter dress & striped top from her Oma (M&S) along with some matching brown tights and her pink ShooShoos.  Her pink headband is from Layniebug Designs.  

Of course Emilia beamed and was her usual smiley self while I took these pictures of her in her crib but when I tried to get a mommy daughter one, this happened: 

She's like "really mom?  All I want is some chocolate..."

My outfit details: Cardigan/Senes Paris, Nursing top/Boob, Jeggings/ASOS, Boots/London Rebel

Nope, nothing.  I don't know why but she just wasn't feeling it!  I'm wearing a very spring-like outfit aren't I...ha ha ha!  Well I didn't feel very springish when I looked out the window this morning at the pouring rain - but my mom did bring me back this cardigan from Amsterdam and I was looking forward to wearing it so that's what I went with :)  

I hope you all had/are having a lovely Easter Sunday! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. Emilia is adorable! And you're allowed to feel springish it is the first day of spring after all! :)

    Please come and visit me at my blog it would mean the world



  2. Happy easter too! The more i see your short hair, the more i like it!

  3. You're such good mum Anna. Seriously. It's so nice of you to make every holiday a big deal for Emilia. I wish my parents would have done that.
    I'm not a mum, and I'm only 22, but if it's god's will that I have babies someday I can only wish that I could do it the way you guys do.
    In spite of all the things people may say of you, you guys are a great example as parents and are doing such a great job with Emilia.
    Congratulations, and I send you happy thoughts and best wishes for your lovely family and also for each and every puppy!
    Love, Annabelle.

  4. Happy Easter! We had 20cm snow in Poland. It looks more like Christmas not the Easter.

  5. Its am i not, not aren't i? Anyways emilia looks super cute and love her and your outfit.
    Happy easter :)

    1. This adorable post and that's what you pay attention to?

  6. Happy easter to all family! Emilia is so adorable she is such a big girl! :)

  7. Emilia is such a cutie. Happy Easter to you and yours

    Leah x


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