My Cupcake Room!

Welcome to my cupcake room!  This is really just a spare room in our house that will eventually probably become Emilia's bedroom when she's bigger.  (Right now her nursery is the smallest "box room" next to the master bedroom - click here for pictures!)  For now I use this room as my study/filming set-up/make-up/cupcake memorabilia storage and my sister loves to sleep here when she comes to visit too!  I love it, it's like my girly haven...a little girl's dream room!   

View from the doorway.  

Opposite view of the doorway!

Back wall - what you see in the background of most of my videos!

Other side of the bed - where I usually sit and film!

Window opposite which I film and my deskspace!

Windowsill and desk area.

Wall opposite bed.

Pink hearts lampshade from Dunnes Stores!

I hope you liked my room tour!  If you have any questions about where I got anything let me know and I try to get back to you - some of them were gifts so I might not know but I will do my best! :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. This room is simply wonderful! Such a pretty and inviting room. Love it !! :D xx

  2. My daughter Lois would love this...her nickname is Cupcake lol


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