What I Ate Wednesday!

I had the Alpen Apricot, Almond & Hazelnut Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon and some whole almonds...this turned out to be a very almondy breakfast, ha ha ha!  We were actually out of bananas - eek!  And I also had my usual black coffee :)  Emilia had pureed apple for breakfast but she only took a few mouthfuls.  The weaning is going a lot slower than I had expected.  To be honest I think I went into this a little bit over-enthusiastic, thinking that Emilia would love everything that I put in front of her!  And while she has certainly not hated anything I've fed her yet she isn't as excited as I had hoped she'd be and tends to lose interest after two or three mouthfuls.  She has also started nursing more during the day (which is good to get her used to regular mealtimes as opposed to only too many night-time feeds) however that surprised me as I had thought the amount of feeding times would decrease!  I don't mind this as I plan to breast feed for the full year, it was just different to what I expected! :)  We will continue with our couple of spoonfuls a day and I definitely enjoy having my "breakfast buddy" but for now she still prefers her milk!

We went to my mom's house in the afternoon and I had a bowl of her butternut squash soup!  It was so delicious...I wish I could make soup like this.  I actually bought a butternut squash so that I could attempt to make something with it but I'm still too afraid to open it...ha ha ha!  I don't know why vegetables that are difficult to cut scare me so much!! (Not the taste, just the preparation part!) 

A little bit later in the afternoon I had a Yoplait Hazelnut yoghurt which reminds me soooo much of when we first moved to Ireland, I think my mom used to buy them for our school lunch boxes!  These are so good & creamy!

Well this is embarrassing...I only realised afterwards that this is the exact same dinner we ate last week!  Oops! :(  Sorry guys!  But it really is a favourite in our house!  Jonathan made Chicken Thai Green Curry with Asian style veggies & wholewheat noodles.

We are enjoying a scary movie tonight so I made popcorn!  This is the Kelkin Lo-Pop, my favourite kind :)

And that's it!  What did you eat today?  


  1. Soon many yummy things!! :-)
    Thank you for sharing xx

  2. I love your What I Ate Wednesdays!!
    It's only 7:50am here in Tokyo so all I've had so far is a banana for breakfast haha. Lately I've been horrible staying healthy. But honestly, even when I cut out junk food and processed food I end up snacking all day on dried fruit and nuts. Major emotional eater :/

  3. You should post your Mom's recipe! I have tons of squash in my freezer. My 6 month daughter is also not terribly excited about solids. I'm getting the 'sour' face and head turn. Emilia is such a doll!

  4. I've been on a oatmeal kick with banana and almond milk too. Its delicious. Is your almond milk plain or sweetened? I like both with oatmeal. We love curry in our house too and amazingly my 3 yr loves it as well. Also my baby was immediately into solids either. It takes time and soon enough she will love them! My 15 month old still loves her milk!! Xo


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