Puppies' First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bianca, Theo, Nivea and Nuvola! 

(The picture above is actually Theo, Sina, Nivea and Nuvola...ha ha ha!)  I can't believe the puppies turned 1 today!  I will always associate them with Emilia as Sina and I found out we were pregnant around the same time so this just reminds me of how quickly Emilia's 1st birthday will creep up on me too!   

To celebrate the puppies' first birthday we threw them a puppy party!  Their new best friend Gaby a really pretty Cavalier King Charles who turns 3 on Saturday also came to visit and they had a ball :)  

I baked them all "pupcakes" which are a firm doggy favourite in our house - you can find the recipe here.  I just use cottage cheese for the frosting!  

I also baked some doggy cookies in the shapes of bones and water hydrants - ha ha ha!  (Recipe here.)  We got them all some new toys to play with and some chicken flavoured bones...Gaby even gifted them all rawhide shoes and chewy sticks.  They were spoilt rotten! 

Thankfully the sun was shining today so Jonathan set up their new agility training tunnel in the back garden!  I don't think they've quite gotten the hang of it yet, but they did have fun running through it and Albi marked it a few thousand times...wonderful.  And so it became an "outside only" toy!  

Here are some snaps of the pups on their special day.

Bianca "Bebo Stunner" Neve


Nuvies (Nuvola) - with the pink bow

Nivea, beside Nuvola

Sina - my hero!  Can't believe she gave birth to all of these babies one year ago!


And my first human baby...Emilia :)  She was so excited for her furry brother & sisters' birthday party!  

Even though they're technically not pups anymore, the four will always be known as "the puppies" in our family!


  1. This is soooo cute!! Seems like a wonderful day had by all! ^___^ xx

  2. Awww! Love them all Anna!!! They'll always be Anna's Puppies to me too!

  3. Please do more Beauty posts <3 and do what's on my iphone tag :))

  4. So cute! X

  5. You guys went all out! Love this!


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