What I Ate Wednesday (Sorry It's Late!)

Sorry this is so late but Emilia is pretty much attached to me all day so the only time I get to blog is late at night!  Anyway, here's what I ate today!

Same ol' same ol'!  Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon.  Black coffee (Lavazza Crema e Gusto).

Emilia had Organix Fruity Apple Baby Cereal with Glenilen Fromage Frais (Pear & Apple) for babies.  She ONLY wants to feed herself now so this is what our mealtimes look like!

We had a reeeally late lunch in BB's, which Emilia slept through!  I had an orange chicken wrap with lettuce, cucumber, red onion and sour cream.  It was actually really good! 

When we got home I had a pear and some almonds as a snack and Emilia had some pear in her mesh feeder thingy.

While cooking Emilia's dinner I felt inspired to cook for us too (this never happens!) so I made spaghetti bolognese with wholewheat pasta.  Surprisingly it went down quite well and nobody in the house has food poisoning (yet) so I will probably make this again!  

Emilia had Leek, Sweet Potato & Pea Puree which she basically fed herself!

Finally for dessert I scoffed three ice-creams!  Naughty, but they were small-ish so that's okay.  Two chocolate Milky Moos & one Twister...yum :)  Now I'm craving Twisters again...and it's almost 2am.  Oops!  But they are so good and refreshing!  

What did you eat today? 


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