What's In My Bag?

Here's a look inside my changing bag...I figured an updated one of these posts was well overdue!  My handbag is the Storksak Elizabeth in Tan Leather.  I love how understated it is - most people don't even realise it's a changing bag!

Here are all the items I carry in the more "obvious" areas.  For example I keep my keys in the outer front pocket and the Arm & Hammer nappy bags hanging on the outside.  There is a strap inside the bag where you can hang keys but I use it for my Bath & Body Works "I Heart Cake" hand sanitiser :)  I store my wallet & passport together in the big velcro pocket on one side of the inner part of the bag and my phone & camera case are usually at the top of the main compartment where I can reach them straight away.  

Here are most of my baby-related things!  On one side of the inner part of the bag there are two compartments for nappies where I generally store 3 in each.  At the bottom of the main compartment I keep a spare vest, cotton bib and two packs of Water Wipes.  You also get a changing mat with the Storksak bags as well as a zip-up pouch where I store some baby Q-tips and wet wipes.  I also carry a plastic Tommee Tippee bib which is great for travelling as you can fold it up and wipe it clean!  In the side pockets inside the bag I store Butt Paste, a little sample of Sudocrem, a cupcake teething toy and pack of Ella's Kitchen Cheese & Tomato Puffits for Emilia! 

In the other side pockets I have Lanolin cream, three pens, a spare hand sanitiser, and a reusable shopping bag.

In the back part of the bag there is a zipped up pocket section where I store all of my cosmetic items.  As you can see, this is where I hoard a lot of lipsticks...ha ha ha!  In here I have five hair ties, two compact mirrors, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, four lip balms, a sample of L'Occitane hand cream, one lipgloss and six lipsticks!  

Can you tell I'm a fan of nude lipsticks?!  These are from left - right:

Chanel #297 Sweet Beige, MAC Honeylove, MAC Angel, MAC Cremecup, Rimmel Kate 03, P2 Pure Color Sunset Boulevard and Chanel Rouge Coco Supserstition.

That's it!  Let me know what you like to hoard in your bag...ha ha ha ;)  

Stay Stylish!

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