What I Ate Wednesday

Flahavan's Hi8 Muesli with natural organic yoghurt & 1/2 banana!  This is what I normally eat when we have no milk or porridge left in the house!

Lunch was very late today so to hold off the hunger till then I needed a little snack.  I had almonds with a cherry Go Ahead yoghurt bar...these are soooo yummy!  

Chicken & vegetable soup with a poppy seed roll for dipping!  This is so warm & comforting on days when morning (all-day) sickness is bad! 

Spaghetti carbonara!  We hardly ever eat this but it really hit the spot...the only problem is I was so stuffed afterwards :(  I have been feeling very bloated after eating meals lately so I didn't end up having anything else today.  I feel like even though my stomach is physically getting bigger it's actually getting smaller in terms of how much food I can eat in one sitting!  Hopefully this will go away soon & I will return back to feeling normal again!  


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