Banana Bread & Barnyard Animals!

I baked banana bread last night for Emilia's (and my ;) breakfast and she loved it!  I used Annabel Karmel's recipe from her Eating for Two book.  I am a fan of banana bread anyway...I used to love when my mom made it but I have to say I really like this recipe too!  It's made with pecans & raisins - delicious!  I had it for breakfast this morning with a coffee :) Yum!

I also practised some more driving today which I'm quite proud of!  Although it took me about 25 minutes to reverse park into our driveway (embarrassing...I pray to god none of my neighbours were watching!!).  And I had a little mishap with a video I filmed yesterday when I accidentally deleted it from my SD card.  Unfortunately it's gone forever :(  So that's why there was no video today!  Oh well, these things happen.  

Emilia & I visited my mom this afternoon and she got to play with my old toys from when I was little!  This Fisher Price barn was one of my absolute favourites...I can't believe my mom kept it and all of the animals too!  The door makes a "moo" sound whenever you open it - did any of you have this farmyard set too?!  

Good night from my bed to yours :)  And if you want to try the banana bread I made, you can find the recipe here!  


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