Emilia's Peppa Pig Party!

Sorry I haven't posted in the last two days, but I have been sick :(  I caught Emilia's cold the night before her party...what a disaster!  Luckily neither of us were feeling too bad on the day and we were still able to go ahead with it.  Emilia was quite sniffly but she is such a trooper - it didn't seem to affect her mood at all!  

So here is the long-awaited party post!  As you probably already guessed, we went with a Peppa Pig theme ;)  Emilia is obsessed with Peppa...everytime she sees her whether it's on the TV screen or in toy/picture form her face lights up and she gets ridiculously excited!  And whenever she hears the theme music she starts rocking back and forth like crazy!  I'm serious, the creators of Peppa were definitely onto something...it is like a drug for kids!

Above is how our dessert/display table looked!  The fabric clouds and Peppa & George "Emilia" banner were custom made by Craftaholic on Etsy.  I found the banner first and loved how personal it was - then I asked the shop owner if she could make the clouds having seen something similar on Pinterest and she said yes!  I am so happy with them and will be using everything in Emilia's nursery when the party decorations are taken down.  I also got some pink & white paper straws from Fancy That Loved on Etsy.  They were amazing quality and very thick!   

Here is the amazing Peppa & Emilia cake!  This was baked by my extremely talented cousin Esther.  I sent her a picture that I had found on Pinterest and she recreated it (except I think her version was even better!).  I LOVE the little Peppa & Emilia figures on top (these are also edible!) and the pink buttercream frosting...yum!  I hate flat cakes, so I wanted something with lots of texture.  This was perfect!  Inside the cake was three different layers of pink vanilla sponge, going from light to dark pink - top to bottom.  It tasted as amazing as it looked...as you can tell, Emilia loved it :)

The bunting/cake topper is from The Path Less Traveled on Etsy.  I love how delicate & personal this was, I actually didn't want to spoil it with candles!!  Unfortunately you can't really see it in this picture but Emilia was wearing a beautiful peach tulle dress by Billieblush.  Her headband was by Layniebug Designs & Peppa Pig bow was from Heather's Bonny Bows.

My cousin Esther also baked the pink cupcakes (they were vanilla with buttercream frosting again...drool!) and I got the Peppa Pig customised cupcake toppers from Unique Party Supply on Etsy.  My sister Emma baked the chocolate marshmallow cupcakes which were delicious and had pink frosting & sprinkles on top.  I decorated the back of the table with a pink flower garland which I bought a few months ago from The Pavilion Garden Centre with pictures of Emilia printed from Printstagram and held up with little pink wooden clothes pegs from Skull Buttonry on Etsy.

More treats at the party included these adorable cloud cookies and pink star wand cake pops, all baked by my cousin Esther.  She got the idea of the cloud cookies from Sweetopia and I think they look so sweet!  Emilia loved their little smiley faces :)  The cake pop wands were also made by The Path Less Traveled on Etsy.  We used plastic knives & forks for the most part but I also found these wooden Peppa Pig teaspoons and decided to get some just for fun! They are from Bespoke Party Products on Etsy.  I also included them in the kids' goody bags - blue and green for the boys and pink for the girls!

For the goody bags, I used pink polka dot paper bags from Suzie's Cards on Etsy and filled them with treats we bought in the party supply section of Woodies.  Princess Peppa was also on our display table along with her wellies for jumping in muddy puddles ;)  We bought the pink paper cups & plates from Tesco and the Peppa Pig themed ones from Smyth's Toy Store.  

We were incredibly lucky with the weather that day as the sun was shining and we set up a puppy petting zoo out of Emilia's wooden playpen outside in the garden so that the doggies wouldn't be too overwhelmed in the house with 20+ guests!  They were so well-behaved and were a huge hit with the kids (one of the little girls developed a special bond with Nuvies...I don't think she put her down for the entire party!).  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the dogs but they looked so cute in their yellow Peppa Pig bandanas that our groomer made for them!  I definitely think that Emilia's 1st birthday party was a success...I started planning a little over a month ago and it was everything I could have hoped it to be :)  I have to be honest though, it was a lot more stressful than I had imagined a 1 year old's party to be...but that's probably just my personality!!  I tend to get stressed about having everything perfect which, let's face it, it never is...especially when there are babies and kids involved!  Right now I'm just exhausted & happy that I don't have to do it all again until next year ;)  


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  1. Those cloud cookies are so cute! Great photos from your Peppa Pig party and thanks for sharing


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