Learning to Drive!

Today I had my tenth driving lesson!  I am finally getting used to driving on the road...although I feel like every lesson takes so much concentration & energy out of me that by the time the hour is up I need a nap to recover!  I'm not sure if this also has something to do with the fact that I'm pregnant or not!  So far I have driven all around the areas closest to where I live, into town and just today I tackled a multi-storey car park with a scarily tight winding entrance...I also did some reverse parking which went better than expected!  

I'm learning in a manual VW black Beetle which I love but unfortunately I think our relationship will be short-lived as just today I discovered that Emilia's stroller doesn't fit in my boot! :/  While this is okay for now as it can be strapped in beside her in the back, with baby #2 on the way...well...it doesn't look like things are going to work out in the long run!  I must say though - this has been a fun & cute car to learn to drive in.  I am point blank refusing to get an SUV (much to Jonathan's disappointment!) so any other small-but-not-too-small, safe, family friendly car ideas would be much appreciated ;)  


(photos were taken in March, when I bought my car)

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