Feeling Better!

Today Emilia was finally feeling a little better (still not 100% but definitely better!).  Her appetite is coming back and she was not as clingy today but she is sleeping a lot and we have been giving her little pea-sized amounts of teething gel to help reduce the pain.  

Here is her outfit of the day!  She's wearing a beautiful dress from Zara Baby which my mom got her, white tights and dark pink shoes from Boots Miniclub a sage green Layniebug Designs bow.  When we went out she wore a rust coloured cardigan to match her dress.  I am in love with this outfit!  I think I want to get some darker tights for the autumn though...the warm cable knit ones are so pretty!

In other news the dogs got groomed today so they are all lovely and sweet-smelling.  I am picking up my new car tomorrow - it took a while longer to get it ready as I opted for this water resistant seat protection stuff (I can't for the life of me remember the name of it!!) to be put on the leather so it would be safe from any spillages made by babies/puppies/etc. ;)  I sold my Beetle yesterday and was a bit sad to see it go as it was my first car and the one I learned to drive in!  But I know it's off to a good home :)


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