Fashion Friday: A Little Insight

Cardigan/Gap, Tank Top/InWear or Part Two (can't remember!), Maternity Jeans/ASOS, Boots/LoveClothing, Earrings & Bracelets/Alex+Ani 

Here is the outfit that I wore to our doctor's appointment this Tuesday! I am absolutely loving my new Alex + Ani jewellery that I was given for my birthday. Although I generally tend to gravitate towards more silver/grey/black during the colder months I really wanted to incorporate these new pieces into a few autumn looks!  

Neither the cardigan nor the tank top in this look are maternity but I did wear this top all throughout my last pregnancy and it is actually quite long so I feel it works to cover the bump! The jeans are probably some of the most comfortable maternity skinnies I own...they are so stretchy and fit really well. 

As most of you know by now, we found out at our last scan that we are having a baby boy! We could not be happier and feel so blessed. I've been asked a lot about the name we've chosen for our baby and for various reasons I've decided to keep it private until after he is born. I feel like I share so much of my life with you guys and although I love to include you all in what I do, I also think it's important to keep certain things to myself. It is very hard when I constantly get judged for every single tiny thing I do...lately there have been some serious breaches into my private life and a small percentage of nasty people have crossed the line. When people write silly gossip or make up rumours on the internet, I know not to let it bother me as it doesn't affect my real life. However when certain attacks of this nature filter into my real life, this is when it becomes scary and I can honestly say that in recent weeks I have felt violated and harassed. So while I do want to continue to share with you guys, I need to be careful and also have to protect myself against nasty individuals out there who wish to cause me harm. I know that these people are in a very small minority but I do feel that this is one of the reasons I've decided to keep a couple of things private. Thank you so much for understanding...I truly appreciate all of your positive comments and support - I know that the majority of you are lovely people. I just felt I owed you guys an explanation and some insight into what's been going on. 


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