Merry Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas & Happy Stephen's Day! I hope you are all having a relaxing holiday! Here's a look at what we got up to this Christmas. It was the most fun we've had as a family so far, as Emilia is old enough to unwrap presents & although she doesn't quite understand who Santa Claus is yet, she still got pretty excited!  

Here's how it all looked before she came down in the morning. Jonathan attempted to do his best at wrapping Emilia's kitchen but it was no easy task! I actually think he did quite well! 

She woke up to discover a stocking full of treats that Santa Paws (*cough-Albi-cough*) had left on the foot of her bed. She was SO excited, I think she would have been happy with just that! 

At first Emilia wasn't sure what to do with her kitchen...and tried to get into it. Then she realised it was actually a lot more fun to put one of her doggy friends into the fridge instead! Albi/Santa Paws didn't seem to mind! We got her the Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen from Jellybean. She absolutely loves it! We also got her the Kidkraft 27 Piece Cookware Playset and the Kidkraft Cupcake Set. She has so much fun stacking the cupboards & shelves and organising all of her dishes/cutlery! 

For breakfast it's our family tradition to eat pandoro or panettone on Christmas morning. My mom got Emilia her own mini Peppa Pig pandoro! It even came with a little Peppa figurine cute! 

Can you name the puppies?! They are: Albi (up top), Sina (on couch), Nivea (on couch in front of Sina), Nuvola (on floor - far left), Bianca (behind Nuvies) and Theo (far right).

Even the puppies looked adorably festive in their red suits and Christmas bows! We bought the suits at Maxi Zoo (Goodboy Brand) - I got 3 size XS and 3 size S. The XS fit Bianca & Nuvola but Albi's neck was too big so he wore his original Santa suit from Accessorize (complete with a fancy gold trim and sleeves!). The Goodboy size S are a bit long/big but they fit Theo, Sina & Nivea pretty well when the velcro is pulled tight.

The four girls! Sina (above), Bianca, Nuvola & Nivea (from L-R).

Three sisters! Nivea, Bianca, Nuvola (L-R).

My two little boys :) Theo & Albi.

Our Christmas outfits :) Emilia's dress is the Hepburn Gingerbread Town dress from Loveaboo, vest is from Carter's, bow is from Layniebug Designs and her tights are from Miniclub.  My dress/cardigan is from French Connection (not maternity - about 2 years ago), leggings are Kate Thomas maternity and my Uggs were a Christmas present from Jonathan (they are the Bailey Button Bling in grey - got them in Brown Thomas Dublin)! 

We had Christmas dinner at my mom's house, where Emilia was showered with even more gifts! Being the only grandchild has its perks, ya know! I think she got a little overwhelmed by all the toys...we've sort of spaced them out now so she can appreciate them all and play with them in her own time. She still hasn't opened a few of them properly but we will give them to her over the next couple of weeks :)

Merry Christmas to you & yours! Hope you had as fun a day as these two crazies ;) Of course you can check out our vlog of how we spent Christmas day here: 


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