What I Ate Wednesday

Flahavan's Hi8 muesli with light soy milk! Sorry I didn't do the week's dinners post after all...the problem was that my photos kept getting deleted. Because we daily vlog and Jonathan & I each have our own card, he wipes everything every night before bed so we never run out of memory. If I do this next week I need to remember to take all my pictures off the card BEFORE the end of the night! 

We had lunch at O'Brien's which is an Irish sandwich chain (it actually doesn't really exist anymore but they still use the name). I almost always get the same thing - it's called the Italian Toasted Shambo. Shambo = because the bread is in the shape of a shamrock! This one is made with mozzarella, semi-sundried tomatoes, basil pesto & mixed leaves. Jonathan always eats my crisps :)  

While editing these photos I can't tell you how hard I laugh at ALL my dinner pics. No matter what I do, they always look revolting. I don't know is it the lighting or what...but seriously?! Jonathan said it looks like something/someone who's just been slaughtered lying out on an operating table. And this was the best of a bad bunch - just be glad you don't have to see the others!! Anyway, I promise it tasted much better than it looks. Tonight was fajita night & we had chicken corn fajitas with sweet peppers. I had two of these babies, rolled up (the pictures looked like dead bodies rolled up in blankets...I kid you not!).

I had a major salt craving, so a lovely bowl of Pringles (original flavour of course) did the trick!

To drink throughout the whole day I just had plain old water, 2 Spatone iron supplements & about 4 Rennie tablets for heartburn :( This is also why I tend not to snack anymore between lunch & dinner...the heartburn is such a killer! 


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