Style Saturday: Nesting Mode

Unfortunately yesterday's "spring" was short-lived as today was back to the dreary, overcast, grey weather we're so accustomed to. Boo! :( However here is another one of my go-to outfits for cold days - black leggings from Heatons (non maternity, but they've always been too big for me), black maternity tank top from Kate Thomas, striped grey jumper from ASOS Maternity and my Uggs! My bracelet is from Tiffany's, the earrings are by Orelia and my necklace is from Swarovski

Look at this little messer! I can't remember what I said to her that caused her to make this face! I think I was getting her to say different family members' names. I STILL need to get Emilia's wardrobe organised - the clothes that are in her closet now are pretty much all too small for her as she is into 18-24 month clothing which is currently all laid out in the spare room so I am traipsing back & forth trying to find things for her to wear. I know I need to get organised and put all her small things away but I have just been so busy with the hospital bag and washing "Junior's" baby grows etc. that I haven't had a chance to do tackle her stuff yet. Our poor baby boy doesn't have a closet right now as we're moving so his whole wardrobe is confined to a big box I'm afraid!  

Emilia's sporting lots of pink & grey in her outfit today - the grey leopard print top with pink bows is from Cherokee (Target) and her pink knit leggings are from H&M. Her shoes are Twinkletoes by Skechers and her headband & bow are by Layniebug Designs

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend! I am currently in full-on nesting mode and even though I'm generally a bit of a neat freak anyway I always tend to get even more extreme in the last weeks of pregnancy. I've already cleared out Jonathan's closet, organised the laundry room, cleaned out all "junk cupboards" and thrown away/donated three big black bags full of stuff! By the time the baby comes this house will be empty...ha ha ha!


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