What I Ate Wednesday {24.3.14}

I normally have Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats but we ran out this morning (doing the weekly shop tonight!) so I had the Golden Syrup variety which is absolutely amazing but unfortunately, full of sugar :( I don't have it very often but it tastes so good! I made this with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. To drink I had a Caramelito Nespresso (black, lungo). I seem to have gotten over my coffee/tea 

We had lunch at Table Restaurant in Brown Thomas and I ordered my favourite - the goat's cheese salad. (FYI - yes goat's cheese is perfectly safe in pregnancy, once it is pasteurised :) This has beetroot, quinoa, parsnip crisps, candied pecans & dark leaf salad in it. It is absolutely delicious! To drink I had a bottle of still water.

Throughout this entire pregnancy I've struggled with the worst heartburn, but it seems to hit the hardest in between lunch & dinner. Generally I've felt so awful by late afternoon I haven't been able to stomach any food but this week it finally seems to have died down a little bit! So by 5 o'clock I was hungry again and reached for some red grapes and an organic vanilla yoghurt. This was my favourite picture I took of my snack...because of my little grape-stealer!! Ha ha ha, Emilia is obsessed with grapes & kept trying to steal them while I snapped photos! I also had a cup of red raspberry leaf tea.

I actually showed this very same dinner before but we used different pasta! This is linguine smoked salmon pasta made with Philadelphia simply stir sauce (the garlic & herb variety) and lemon juice. It's become one of my favourite dishes and is so easy to make! To drink I had more water.

I used our new Krups frother machine (the Nespresso Latissima+ was total rubbish - the frother broke not long after we had bought it! Nespresso coffee is great but the Latissima+ is definitely not worth the price. We tried descaling it and always kept it super clean but nothing worked!). So I made this coffee using a Nespresso Caramelito capsule & added 225ml of milk frothed by our Krups machine to make a yummy caramel latte. It was amazing!! Especially paired with some Munchies :) 

Check out my What I Ate Wednesday video below! 


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