Beauty Tuesday: April Favourites 2014!

Here are my favourite beauty products for the month of April!

This Estée Lauder eyeshadow trio was a firm favourite all month long - I love the colours! There is a light vanilla shade, a taupe and a dark/smokey brown which is perfect for me because that's all I usually wear. I like how compact the palette is too for travel & packing into my makeup bag! 

I picked up Benefit Brow Zings in the shade medium and have been loving a lighter shade on my brows lately. I think it works better with my current hair colour! These were the brow kits we used in makeup school so I knew it would be good before I even got it but I am super impressed with how pigmented & long lasting this is! I don't tend to use the wax or the brush/tweezers but for travelling this would be very useful!

The Barry M Silk nail paint in Mist was what I ended up choosing to wear on my nails for Eduardo's birth as it became my favourite shade of baby blue after having tried & tested so many! Although I am completely sick of blue nails by now, this is very pretty and the pastel shade is perfect for spring. I don't normally like metallic nails but the silks are a lot more subtle and not so garish. This was very long-lasting too, much better than some of the nail paints from the regular collection!

After I got my hair done this month, my lovely hair salon gave me a goody bag with some Wella Professionals products inside. This Luxe Oil is what they used on my hair in the salon and I am completely obsessed with it! The smell is to die-for and it makes my hair feel silky soft...I can't get enough of it! The bottle is huge for how much product you use with each application (I only need one pump) and I love the packaging. If I had to recommend one product in particular this month it would be this one! 

This was the shower gel I brought with me in my hospital bag, just like last time I gave birth and I love it! Soap & Glory Clean On Me has now become my favourite shower must-have because I associate the smell with my two babies :) The first shower after you give birth is always heavenly so I wanted to use something special & this gel smells amazing. I bought two travel size bottles so I have been using them since coming home from the hospital too! I need to purchase a full-size version next!

Lanolin oil is normally associated with being used on cracked nipples during breastfeeding but luckily I didn't need that this time! However I was sent some Australian Lanolin Oil Moisturising Cream by an Australian viewer and had been keeping it on my nightstand for a couple of weeks until one night I decided to use it as a foot cream. I was so impressed with the results, as after using it every night for almost a month my feet have never felt softer! I really recommend this stuff if you can get your hands on it. 

Finally here's what I've been using to fade my stretch marks - a mixture of Bio-Oil and Bloom & Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Cream. I apply these both twice a day (in the morning after my shower and before bed at night). Then I wrap my tummy in the Belly Bandit which locks in all the moisture & helps the skin soak everything up! I know the Bio-Oil really works to fade stretch marks from my last pregnancy but I also love how the Bloom & Blossom cream feels on my skin.

That's it for this month! You can watch my April Favourites video below!


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  1. Hi Anna, after reading your blog I bought the b&b anti stretch mark cream & bio oil. How did u apply them? Which one apply first


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