Mommy Monday: Postpartum Clothing Haul!

I recently got a couple of items for both postpartum & breastfeeding/nursing that I thought I would share with you all! 

If you followed my postpartum journey last time, you'll know that I was a huge fan of the Belly Bandit. This is amazing for breastfeeding mamas as not only does it help suck your tummy in and go back to normal, it also helps with your posture and to prevent backache when feeding. Last time I used the Bamboo Belly Bandit in nude (which I still own). This time I got it in black as well. I used this everyday - taking it off at night - for the first few months and it definitely helped shrink my belly! 

Also from Belly Bandit, I got their new Mother Tucker Leggings in black. These are supposed to help flatten your tummy as well as compress your bum, thighs & "muffin top". In the first couple of weeks postpartum, these are the areas you are always naturally most self conscious about to it's nice to have that added support & coverage under your regular clothes!

I also got some things from Boob. As many of you probably know, I used this nursing wear brand all throughout last year while breastfeeding Emilia & also through my second pregnancy. I love the quality of their clothing as everything is made from organic cotton & washes super well! This Fast Food Nursing Bra and Seamless Brief set are so cute with the polka dots & lace detailing, plus they feel very comfortable and soft!

I also got some washable breast pads which are made from natural silk. I'm curious to try these - they are supposed to be super comfortable! Last time I was breastfeeding I just used the disposable ones and after my milk started regulating I stopped using them. But during the first couple of weeks I leaked A LOT and definitely needed them! So I'm interested to see if these are any different to the disposables. 

I got this striped nursing dress in turquoise, which I think would be so cute with flip-flops for spring/summer! (Actually more like an Irish/English summer!)

This knitted coral/pink dress could be hit or miss...I'm not sure yet! I will have to see how it looks when it's on. I love the colour and design but it may be a bit grannyish on me! We'll see :)

I also got this navy blue & white striped nursing tank, which I can totally see myself wearing with a lot of different outfits - it's so versatile! 

Last but not least I got another B-Warmer hoodie...I already have one in grey and ever since I got it I wished I would have bought a brighter colour. I know Emilia was born in the autumn and I had been shopping for the colder months...and admittedly I do wear a lot of grey but for hoodies & loungewear sometimes it's more fun to keep it bright and cheerful! So this is a big change for spring/summer - bright yellow!

That's everything I got so far. I'm looking forward to wearing everything & featuring some of these in upcoming outfit of the days! You can watch my Postpartum Fashion Haul below: 


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  1. Great picks Anna! My Tummy also make some brilliant clothing for pregnancy and post-partum too including breastfeeding tops, blouses and jumpers that have concealed zips, wraps and clasps to give easy breast access. All our products are made in Europe with unique that have delicate zippers and are free of harmful substances that can cause allergies.
    Many of our tops and bottoms also go up to size XXL for ladies with very big bumps! Plus the clothing comfortably grows as you grow so you don't have to worry about garments not fitting in a month or two. Please do also check out the maternity tops which have cute designs printed onto the tummy instead of the chest, perfect for showing off the bump!


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