Throwback Thursday: Blonde Babies!

My sister Emma & I were super blonde when we were little. Although Erika & I have almost the exact same natural hair colour now, she was always the darkest one! Emma & I were both born bald and then went white blonde whereas Erika was born like Emilia with dark brown hair! Sometimes people make comments about Emilia's lack of hair but the truth is, I was completely bald till age two so in my book she's doing pretty well! 

This picture of Emma & me was taken when I was about 5/6 and she was around 2. We were drawing in our parents' room just before bedtime :) I can't wait for Emilia to do the same with her little brother! 

 I also filmed an Ask Anna where I answered a lot of your questions from Twitter & Facebook! So if you're interested in checking that out - you can watch it below!


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