What I Ate Wednesday {4.4.14}

This was the morning of my fetal assessment so I actually ate breakfast in the car (I made my porridge ahead of time & then just took the bowl with me!) and forgot to take a picture. But here are the ingredients I generally use to make it! The only difference is, this morning I had the Golden Syrup variety of Quick Oats because we had one packet left and I wanted to use it up. I also use Alpro almond milk, 1/2 a banana and some ground cinnamon. That's it! 

When we got home from the hospital I had a vanilla Nespresso :)

We ate lunch at home, so it's pretty boring - sorry guys! But ham & cheese toasties are my latest obsession. Made this with Brady's crumbed ham & Dubliner extra mature cheddar. We get this multiseed bread fresh from the bakery each day! I also added some chopped veggies that we had in the fridge - San Marzano tomatoes & cucumber.

Not very healthy, but it was a Friday night so you know it had to be pizza! This is actually a frozen pizza from Milano's (Pizza Express) - my favourite is the Margherita.

For dessert I had an apple tart slice from La Cocina (local Spanish bakery stall at the farmers' market) and a caramel Nespresso!

That's it! You can watch my What I Ate video below:


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