Throwback Thursday: Mama's Birthday!

It was my mama's birthday yesterday! Which got me thinking about all her past birthdays that I've spent with her. This one from 2009 was quite special, it was her first birthday after my dad had passed away and I was living in Bournemouth, UK. I wanted to give her something really special & after talking about it with my grandmother I decided to get us both tickets to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. This meant that she came to visit me in England and we were able to spend her birthday together! I took this picture of the two of us at the concert :)

Looking at this picture makes me realise how much things have changed since then! I can't believe my mom is now a grandmother of two & I am a mama!

If you're in the mood for some Q&A, check out my Ask Anna video below! I answered your questions about low self confidence, marriage and fast food ;)


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