What I Ate {3.6.14}

I know it's not Wednesday but I had prepared one of these to upload yesterday not realising I wouldn't have internet until today! So here is my 'What I Ate" from a very hectic day of packing up, moving & travelling to Dublin! 

The day started out pretty normal - I had my standard brekkie of organic porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon along with a black vanilla flavour coffee and my apple Spatone! 

Emilia devouring her cornflakes & glued to Peppa Pig...as always! 

The movers arrived at 9am and were at our house till 2pm so lunch was a rather rushed job of Subway as all of our kitchen was being packed around us as we ate! I got a tuna sub with lettuce, cucumber & tomato. 

Emilia got the kiddy Subway meal with ham & cheese. She was pretty impressed! 

I managed to scavenge a few of our healthy snacks before they hit the movers' truck/bin! (We had to throw out almost all the contents of our fridge :( ) So I had some grapes & two of Emilia's Go-Yos (organic yoghurt pouches). I'm actually really glad I got some fruit & yoghurt into me because the rest of the day wasn't so healthy!

We ate dinner on the go as we were en route to Dublin to catch an early ferry the next morning. At that point we were starving, exhausted and in need of something naughty so we grabbed a quick McDonald's at the Cashel services! I know it's bad but it reeeeeally hit the spot! I got a cheeseburger Happy Meal (same as Emilia, although she only ever eats the raisins and a few chips!) and a caramel frappé for dessert :) YUM!! So bad but so good!

Excited for her move to London :)

Those were my eats from our crazy moving day! Sorry this post was so late! You can watch my London House Tour video here - but bear in mind the place is still a total mess as we're only here one day! I will upload another one when we've fully decorated!


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