What I Ate Wednesday {10.6.14}

Welcome to the first WIAW in our new home! :)


This was the same as always...but it looks like I'll be changing up my porridge soon as I don't think I can find my usual Flahavan's Quick Oats in the UK! So we got some Quaker Oat So Simple as a replacement - I'll let you guys know how it compares! Today I had Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats (we still have some left!) with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon along with a caramel Nespresso coffee & apple-flavoured Spatone. 


We ate lunch in Ikea as we were there furniture shopping today! I had a tuna melt panino (my fave!!) made with tuna, red onion & cheddar cheese. I also got a 500ml bottle of water.


I actually saw these apple pies as soon as we walked into the Ikea restaurant...and I could not resist!! Jonathan & I had a slice each with whipped cream. Delish ;) I had this with a cup of black coffee.


When we got home from Croydon I was hungry again (I am hungry all the time with the breastfeeding!) so I had a quick snack of a Pink Lady apple & Rachel's Organic Peach and Apricot yogurt. This was my first time trying out this yogurt brand...it gets a thumbs up from me! 


For dinner I made Orecchiette with Raw Tomato Sauce from Jamie Oliver's website...I couldn't find orecchiette so I used conchiglie instead. I LOVED this pasta dish...the family, not so much :( Unfortunately Jonathan rarely likes any dish without meat in it and he's not a fan of olives but I try to vary up our weekly meal plan by not cooking meat everyday so this is what they got! Emilia is going through a really fussy eating phase which I'm trying not to stress about but I swear some days she eats hardly anything. Everybody is telling me not to get stressed out and that she'll eat when she's hungry but truthfully mealtimes have become a bit of a nightmare with her. I don't think she took one bite of her dinner, she ate about half a Nutri Grain for breakfast (she refuses to eat cereal anymore) and picked at a few raisins for lunch. At least she is still drinking her milk...but I'm not going to lie - I HATE this phase!! She used to be such a good eater! 

Anyway, all that aside - I definitely recommend this dish if you're looking for a quick, fresh summer pasta recipe! It'll also work if you hate cooking because there's hardly any involved being that it's a raw pasta sauce - and if you are vegetarian just leave out the anchovies! :) 

Evening Coffee

I had a lovely little caramel Nespresso coffee after the kids went to bed while watching Orange is the New Black! :) Some people think it's weird that I drink coffee so late but I honestly don't think it affects me falling asleep at night at all. My dad used to make himself an espresso coffee every evening (with lots of sugar!) and it was just a part of his normal routine. I actually find the smell of coffee in the evenings really comforting as it always reminds me of him!

Those were my eats for the day! You can watch my WIAW video here:


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