What I Ate Wednesday {17.6.14}

I had Quaker Oat So Simple Original porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon (pretty much the same as always!), apple-flavour Spatone in my pint of water and our LAST Nespresso capsule! :( Boo hoo!

At around 11am I usually get hungry again so I had a Pink Lady apple and some deglet nour dates...oh my God, these are amazing! They taste like a treat & are perfect if you crave sweets!

Our latest obsession right now has to be Starbucks...I feel like we are making up for all the years of living in a town without one, ha ha ha! I had a smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel and my current summer favourite - a grande Caramel Cream! These are heavenly...if you haven't tried one you need to get to your local Starbucks asap and order it! I think I'm addicted to these, especially since the weather has been so good here! 

Afternoon Coffee
The caramel cream frappuccino has no coffee in it, so when I got home I had one of these! We couldn't get our hands on any Nespresso capsules (the website was being glitchy and we couldn't find any Nespresso bars!) so decided to trial these knock-off ones. I had a "Lungo Americano" - it was okay but nothing like the real thing! I wouldn't recommend them.

For dinner we actually had leftovers - this was what I made on Monday night! Spaghetti vongole (spaghetti with clams). This is one of my all-time favourite pasta dishes, I almost always order it when I'm at an Italian restaurant. I used a Jamie Oliver recipe which you can check out here. It's made with fresh clams, cherry tomatoes, flat leaf parsley, chilli, olive oil & white wine. I will definitely make this again!

Evening Coffee
I had another knock-off Nespresso later that evening...this was a level 9 and it was awful! It didn't even froth properly and tasted very watery :( Thankfully we eventually got to order some of the real deal online so our capsules will be here tomorrow!

That's it for the day! I also drank 2L water. You can check out my What I Ate Wednesday vlog here!


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