Eduardo's 6/7 Month Update!

Today I filmed a video for my main channel with these two occurrence that has become very rare due to the fact that it usually ends up in total chaos - like this! I attempted to film a 6/7 month baby/postpartum update which resulted in my bed & bathroom being completely ransacked. During the filming of this video Emilia managed to line up a whole village of bath toys on my bedside table and then proceeded to empty an entire box of panty liners (stickers) over her brother. 

Having said all of that, we actually had a lot of fun. There was some baby selfie-taking...

Investigating of mom's cool "stickers" 

And plenty of tickles...

One of the topics I talked about in the video was one that I had wanted to address for a long time...I had even mentioned it in a previous postpartum update but edited it out because I was embarrassed & afraid of what people might say. BUT I have since changed my mind as I feel like the beauty of these updates and blogging in general is that it's honest & relatable because I'm sharing my real-life experience with you all! After having two children back to back, your body understandably goes through a lot of changes...for me light bladder weakness was one of them! I got it whenever I laughed at something funny, or sometimes even if I coughed or sneezed! It's got progressively better with time as my body has healed but a product that I found helpful was Lights by Tena (or Emilia & Eduardo's newfound "stickers"). Lights by Tena are both comfortable & absorbent for those...ahem, awkward moments! However these feel super light - you wouldn't even know you were wearing one.

To see what else I talked about in Eduardo's 6/7 Month Update and to witness the aforementioned craziness you can watch the video here: 

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for this evening's outfit post :)


*This is a paid-for advertorial. All opinions are my own, as always :) 

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