Flatpacks and Carparks

Today was spent building furniture we got from yesterday's Ikea trip so I wanted to wear something comfy. Let me rephrase that...today Jonathan spent the day building furniture while I went and had myself one of the most horrific driving/parking nightmares of the century which involved a trolley bay, many new scrapes & dents to the side of my car, impaired visibility due to my back window being covered in leaves and dirt from being left sitting in the driveway for months on end, and a LOT of tears. But we won't dwell on that unexpected incident...ahem. I'll just never leave the house again. Anyhow, my outfit of the day consists of an olive green shirt from Forever21 that I picked up this summer which I layered over a plain black Boob Design nursing singlet. I'm also wearing my black Mother Tucker shapewear leggings from Belly Bandit. It was raining (again) today so I'm wearing my black Regent Savoy Hunter wellies

Jonathan was lucky enough to snap this adorable picture of Emilia & Eduardo together! Emilia is wearing a squirrel dress & faded pink tights from Zara and Eduardo is wearing a grey skeleton long-sleeve tee also from Zara. His grey star dribble bib is from Jack & Jillaroo. I might elaborate further on my parking incident in a future blog post...right now I'm still recovering from the horror of it all!! And this comes from somebody whose car has parking sensors! I tell you, those things are no good to people like me! I need a little man who jumps into the driver's seat to take over every time I come to parking space. Or, you know...a chauffeur. Whatever works!  


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