Happy 4th Birthday Sina!

Sunday was a very special day for our little Sina Socks as she turned four years old! I know I always get very soppy when I talk about her but that's because we share such a strong mummy bond. We both got pregnant around the same time and she taught me so much about childbirth & motherhood...I don't care how silly that sounds! Watching her give birth to five puppies and then transform from my little baby into a nurturing mother was a life-changing and amazing experience that I will never forget. Added to that is the fact that she is a wonderful & good natured dog. Sina is probably the most easy going & friendliest of all our pups, she will greet anybody with kisses & cuddles, is fantastic with children, loves her walkies, is super loyal and never growls (even when the rest of our dogs are giving her grief or if Emilia plays too rough). I probably trust her the most of all my dogs...although not with a plate of food, she would gobble that up in a heartbeat! And she has a strange taste for crayons too...but aside from that I trust her with my life ;)

It was a grey & rainy day which is why I'm wearing my wellies! These are the Hunter Regent Savoy boots in black. I'm also wearing grey high-waisted skinny jeans from Zara, a cropped grey t-shirt from Forever21 and leather jacket from H&M. On my nails is Barry M nail paint in "Nightshade" (a glossy black). Emilia is wearing her pink Peppa Pig wellies which we got from Boots, a navy blue cardigan from Baby Gap, matching leggings from Next and her t-shirt was a gift from Japan. She is also wearing a gold bow from Ellie Rose Bows & Clothes.


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