Beauty Tuesday: Christmas Party! (Blogmas Day 16)

I'm writing this at a ridiculously late hour from our hotel room at The Grove Hotel, where we are for the Gleam Christmas party! We decided not to lug our huge DSLR all the way with us, being that we were already equipped with enough nappies, baby wipes and toddler snacks to feed an army. In a nutshell, we had no more room in our suitcases and Jonathan point blank refused to pack a third one for what he reiterated to me was only ONE night's stay. So I'm afraid you'll have to make do with these mediocre bathroom selfies shot with my iphone...sorry!!

As I said, tonight was the Gleam Christmas Party which I was very excited about. I picked up my dress on sale from Ted Baker after trying on several shift dresses in a failed attempt to step outside my comfort zone. At the end of this all, I walked out of the shop with something in the exact same style I pretty much always wear. However I'll accept defeat as I think this is just the style that suits me best, it's the one that Jonathan thinks looks nicest too...and I'm willing to roll with it! Oddly enough this is actually a bright fuchsia colour although it looks more like a royal purple in these pictures. I paired it up with some simple black pumps which unfortunately are not visible here (again, working with a rather unprofessional set-up here and lovely background of the toilet. You're welcome).

My makeup is basically a heavier version of the exact same look I wear everyday. (See my most recent makeup bag post for details.) My lipstick is Lancome Rouge in Love 200B Rose Thé because I'm too much of a wimp to do a fuchsia lip. And the dress has a lovely bow detail on the back of it which you can't see here, but you can do so on the website! I curled my hair in loose waves (curling away from my face) with my Tigi Fat Curl Stick (check my YouTube channel for tutorials...I have loads!). And that was pretty much my entire look for the Christmas Party!

I will be back tomorrow with a more timely blog post...promise!



  1. You look lovely, Anna! The vlog from this day was exceptionally lovely, too :) I'm so happy that you're posting regularly on your blog again :)

  2. Hi Anna,could you do a video how you curl:style your hair in this picture inLOVE it!!!💋

  3. I've got a dress just like this one might have to dig it out for the new year :D

  4. Hi Anna where did you get your phone case from? Xxx


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