Style Saturday: Winter Stripes (Blogmas Day 20)

Bit of a boring outfit today, as I had originally planned to do a post on my Christmas present wrapping but things are just crazy busy at the moment and I haven't got the chance to go buy some yet! It seems like the month of December goes by faster & faster each year. I can finally say that the kids' presents are sorted (except for their stockings...I still have to buy them! If anyone knows where I could find cute stockings, let me know!). The most stressful present every year is always the one for my other half...can someone please tell me WHY men are so difficult to buy for?! You would think I'd have Jonathan figured out by now...and in some respects I do but when it comes to presents, I start to panic. I have always been way better at buying for women than men (unless we're talking clothes...that's easy!) so I know I will probably be screwed when Eduardo gets older. I am utterly clueless about what boys/men want! 

Onto my outfit - I am wearing boyfriend jeans from ASOS (about 4 years ago), H by Hudson boots, and a striped jumper by Jack Wills

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Santa is coming next week!! 


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  1. Lovely outfit! I am exactly the same when it comes to buying for men/boys! I always do great with my gifts for the girls.. but I struggle terribly when it comes to the boys. I'm sure that Jonathan and Eduardo will treasure whatever gift you give them, at whatever time in their lives, Anna.. XOXO


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