What I Ate Wednesday {10.12.14} (Blogmas Day 10)


After previewing this post I've just realised that my meals are almost identical to those in last week's post...even down to the snack I ate. Oh dear. I really do eat the same things over & over. But this is what happens when you're at home almost all day! You find yourself making the same thing again & again because you're in a routine. Anyway, this was breakfast. A big cup of coffee (Nespresso Fortissio Lungo is my favourite) and bowl of porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana and blueberries. I also drank a pint of water & took my multivitamin. 


Today was a rather long day of filming and we worked long into the children's naptime which meant we didn't get to eat lunch until about 3pm. So I had a snack around 12 which consisted of an apple and strawberry Fruitopolis yoghurt.


By the time we got to eat lunch I was starving and cranky...it's just as well I'm not pregnant anymore as if I were I think I would have ripped Jonathan's head off. It's almost scary how moody I get when I'm hungry! I had the exact same as last week! A ham & cheese toastie on a multiseed bagel with some tomatoes & cucumber. 


This is only about 1/3 of my dinner as I completely forgot I was doing WIAW today and pretty much inhaled almost the entire bowl of pasta before realising I hadn't taken a picture of it. This is nothing special and I'm going to be completely honest here and say that it's our third time eating pasta this week. (Albeit they were different types/dishes!) Here we have a simple fusilli with tomato & ricotta cheese sauce.


This is a very odd-looking dessert but I couldn't resist sampling it after all of our hard work today. We filmed a video for the MEV channel where we made a Rocky Road House (not a gingerbread house!). You'll have to check out the video on Friday to see how it turned out but here are some remnants of the house after we were finished demolishing it. I've also got two sneaky chocolate profiteroles at the back of my plate (they were parts of the wall we built around the house). Even though I have a terrible sweet tooth, this was a little much for me and I feel quite sick from all the sugar afterwards! According to the box, one twelfth of this house equals a portion for one person. I probably had about quadruple that, let's be honest!!! 


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