Mommy Monday: Potty Training Tips!

Today's post is all about potty training! Here are my top tips :)

1. Start when you (and your toddler) are ready. Don't rush into things just because of what other people tell you as only you will know when the time is right! There is no "perfect age" to start potty training. You will know when your toddler is ready. Usually some tell-tale signs are that they tell you when they've done something in their nappy or they show signs of discomfort when their nappy is full.

2. Buy lots and lots of underwear with fun characters/designs that your child likes on them. For Emilia we bought tons of Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty & Doc McStuffins ones which got her really excited about wearing them like a "big girl". 

3. Reward with stickers! I made Emilia a progress chart with separate rows for "Pee" and "Poo", then whenever she'd go on the potty she would get to pick a sticker for her chart. The "Pee" row filled up pretty fast compared to the other one but it was still helpful for her to have visual motivation and be proud of her own progress. I still reward her with stickers now but for different things, like finishing her dinner or eating her vegetables :)

4. Pack a change of clothes in your changing bag...always. Include socks, knickers, jeans/leggings/tights/trousers and probably a third change of clothes too just in case! You never know when there could be an accident and I even do this now, even though Emilia is potty trained (for the most part!). 

5. Pack wipes and a nappy bag. Don't forget that potty training will be messy and you'll probably need both of these even though your toddler is not in nappies anymore! I found that wipes were a lot cleaner in the beginning especially when Emilia was used to them rather than toilet paper. Accept that things will get dirty and messy, and you will probably have to throw out a lot of underwear in the beginning so buy LOTS!

6. Pull-ups are good for night time & naps but try not to rely on them too much! I am all for Pull-ups but I wouldn't recommend them all the time, otherwise your toddler will get lazy! I like them for sleep times because although 90% of the time Emilia wakes up dry, it saves me changing her whole bed if she does have an accident. 

7. Don't get discouraged...there will be setbacks with potty training but you have to think positive. Sometimes it's a case of two steps forward, three steps back but that's normal. I used to beat myself up about it when Emilia would have a few good days in a row and then one whole day of accidents...I used to think it was my fault but it's really not. They are just learning and getting used to the loss of control they had when they were in nappies. The key is not to give up when you've already made so much progress, just accept that there are going to be off-days and keep going! 

8. Learning your child's routine will prevent accidents. As you go along with the potty training you will quickly learn your toddler's routine as far as when they go to the toilet. I find that if I put Emilia on the toilet at certain times during the day, this is the best way to ensure that accidents don't happen. Because I've figured out (for the most part) when she normally needs to go, it helps me guess what's going to happen next. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to check out my video on Potty Training Tips below and let me know what you think! 


  1. Thank you for the helping tips! Saving these for when it's my turn :P

  2. A timely reminder for me after a few accidents today to stay positive and not get discouraged! Thanks!!

  3. This was very helpful. Im going to be helping with my nieces potty training and i was getting very worried but this helped but my mind at ease.

  4. Anna! youre hair is so nice, maybe you can do a hair routine?

    xoxo from Marjon, Holland

  5. Thank you just stated my little boy a week ago on his potty i tell him all day that he is to only wee on the potty I leave the room for tow minutes and he has done his business all over the sofa. He has autism and is very clever but sometimes very hard work. I have found this very helpful :)

  6. Very helpful !!
    I was always wondering when you started with emilia as its never really mentioned in your daily vlogs.
    Just two questions....
    What age did you start with her And how did you go about starting?
    I have a 23 month old son and wondering when I should do it 😳x

  7. Great tips! My toddler is 27 months old but honestly he is no where near ready to be potty trained. He has a speech delay and sees a therapist twice a week so he can't quite tell us when he's got a dirty diaper. But your tips are quite helpful for when the time comes!

    Really enjoy your blog!

  8. This is very insightful and makes the whole process seem less daunting. A great blog post :)

  9. These are great tips! I will have to keep those in mind in a year or so when we potty train my little boy. Should be around the same time as Eduardo; they are only a week apart! :)

  10. Great tips! Going through potty training now and it is a challenge!

  11. just watched the video! loved it :D

  12. love love the content! even if i dont have kids, i really love your mommy monday, it makes me excited to have kids. have a great day anna!

  13. Anna, I can't believe how grown up Emilia is! How time flies! X.

  14. I am about to start potty Training with my 2yr old son. so These tips are really helpful and i was hoping you'd do a potty-training Video. thanks for that, Anna.

  15. I don't have children but these tips are fab - you never know how to prepare for this stuff so when the time comes, I'll be following these religiously!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  16. Dear Anna
    You are the most inspirational person ever! I love your blog and your channel ans the Sacconejoly channel i watch them everyday and you are just amazing. You have two beautiful and an amazing husband! I always turn to your blog for happiness. When i am down and sad i always go straight to your blog or the Sacconejoly channel to put a smile back on my face. i thought if i rote this message to you i will hopefully put a smile on your face like you did to me a million times without knowing. and of people write rude and message to you and makes you fell sad just remember that you are who you are and if people don't like that it their loss because you are beautiful! i really hope you read this message and it make you feel happy inside LOVE YOU!!!
    From Grace
    P.S A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear =)

  17. Great tips ! My daughter is still a baby so we haven't got to this point but I love reading things like this to prepare myself haha thanks for sharing :)

  18. These are such great tips! I am going to attempt to potty train Michael next week. They say that boys are more resistant, so we shall see. :)
    The Mini Skirt

  19. Hey Anna
    Thank you for the tips!!!!!I want to start potty training very soon but I don't think my daughters ready yet , she's 17 months now......It's winter here so thinking of maybe starting in Spring.... I'll be using ALL of your tips thank you so much!! You are such an Inspiration to me!!!!! Love the Blogs !!!!!

  20. Anna,

    I love your "mommy monday" section of your blog!

    Not sure if you ever feature products in your posts, but I would love for you to check out a few items on my Etsy site:

    The 1st year stats are a fun project I've been working on lately, and I would love to offer to do a "three year stats" for your cute girlie once her birthday approaches! Just contact me with your info and I'll get you lined up with a cute "stats" photo to post here on your blog :)

    Here's a link to the "first year stats" that I have been working on. As you scroll through the photos, my twin daughters are the ones on the white backgrounds. Thanks for all your "mommy" tips that you post here on your blog, I love them!



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