Winter Uniform

Since I majorly failed at blogging last week,I promise to do better this week and have got three posts planned out already for you guys! Here's a recent outfit which has become a kind of everyday uniform for me, given the chilly weather & comfort factor of everything involved in this look! It's so simple & easy; skinny jeans, a loose tee, flannel shirt and Ugg boots. Slip on a beanie and you're done! My shirt is from Levi's, the t-shirt is by Velvet, the jeans and the hat are from Ted Baker. I am also wearing my gold scorpio necklace on the small chain, gold scorpio bracelet, Kate Spade bow bangle and grey & pink Michael Kors watch. My bag is by Prada

Last week went very unexpectedly due to the allergic reaction I got on my eyes and having to cancel quite a few things as a result of that. But I am back to normal now and thankfully my eyes have fully recovered! Today's video is a Snapchat Q&A where I opened your messages on camera and answered your questions! I covered lots of different topics...from having another baby, my phobias/fears and the thing I like most about Jonathan! Hope you enjoy :)


  1. I love your buffalo plaid top! You always look so cute!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  2. I love your style! This winter I've been obsessed with bobble hats and I adore yours:) So cute!

    XO - Sarah

  3. I really like your outfit it looks so comfy :) I bought your rose gold necklace and I'm in love. I wear it every day <3 have a nice week

  4. You just have to go for comfort when it's so cold outside!
    :) Alice

  5. I'm glad you are fully recovered! I agree with the hardest part of being a mom...the constant worrying!! Ever since they were born I started worrying and it never stops...but they are so worth it!!

    Loved the video and outfit!


  6. I am so excited you will be back blogging again this week! I always look forward to logging on and seeing a new post from you! Keep it up the posts have been great :)


  7. Loving the pom hats! I need to get my hands on one - they're so cute! Looking lovely as always <3


    It's Me, Maggie |

  8. Oh my God ! so adorable haha

  9. I love the outfit Anna! Any chance we can get an updated what's In my bag video please!!

  10. Beautiful as always Anna.

    I don't know if I have ever had an allergic reaction to any beauty products (thankfully), so it's unfortunate you had to go through that! It's looking a lot better though.

  11. You look so beautiful, youthful and radiant Anna! I absolutely love this outfit! :) Lots of love to your whole fam bam from your Croatian friend! xo

    Klaudia //

  12. So cute! Hopefully it will warm up soon though!

  13. Hey Anna,

    here's another Anna, haha.
    I love the way your curls look on the second and third day, but I can never get mine to look presentable on day 2, because they just get so tangled, I have to brush out the knots... How do you do it?

    Love from Germany

    1. I have the same problem here!! I noticed her bottom layer is rather short maybe that's why it stays nice for 3 days? Let me know if you find a solution ! Xoxox

  14. You have such a beautiful style Anna, I love your posts and videos! sending hugs to you and your family, hope you've all had a lovely day x

  15. Love the shirt from Levis

  16. This outfit looks so cosy! I love the bobble hat :) xxx


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