What I Ate Wednesday {20.12.16}

Breakfast today was at 8:20am - we had a car booked for 9am to get into London for my doctor's appointment and hospital tour (exciting!). It was also a freezing cold morning so I made porridge with almond milk, used up one half of our many super ripe bananas, the remainder of our blueberries and my favourite...cinnamon! I also had a black coffee & bottle of water which I finished on the drive in (and subsequently needed to pee twice as soon as we reached our destination!).

Lunch wasn't until 2pm (we were starrrving!) as our appointment took a lot longer than expected. We went to Villandry where I'd never been before & I ordered the chicken salad with autumn veggies. Honestly this wasn't what I'd hoped it would be :( On paper it sounded amazing but in reality it was just chicken breast and a few root vegetables cut into cubes and covered in a mountain of lettuce. I also had a bottle of still water (which was tiny!).   

By the time we got home from London it was about 4:30pm and I had a quick snack of an apple and some almond butter (yum) with a black coffee to wake me up!

We ate dinner around 6:30 and had chicken noodles made with chow mein sauce, chicken thighs, stir fry veggies (red peppers, mange tout, onions) and wholewheat noodles. I also had more water (allllways chugging the water at this point of the pregnancy!) 

I was actually pretty full after dinner and didn't really need dessert...but I felt kind of bad for buying 5 boxes of mince pies as a result of panic mode setting in during Christmas grocery shopping (happens every year...without fail!). So I ate one of the mince pies and far too much whipped cream. Jonathan and I are such polar opposites even when it comes to Christmas food...we've made it part of our evening ritual to have mince pie & cream (me) and Christmas pudding with custard (him). I don't like pudding, Jonathan isn't a fan of mince pies...I don't love custard and he hates whipped cream. Together we make the perfect eating team...hahaha! 

That's all I had today. If you'd like to watch the video featuring lots of chicken drama regarding our lunch, check it out above! 


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