What I Ate Wednesday {28.2.17}

This week's What I Ate is brought to you by Pancake Tuesday! Pancake Day has honestly always been one of my favourite days of the year, ever since I was small. I love pancakes and looked forward to this day all year round from as long as I can remember! For breakfast we didn't actually eat any as mornings are normally pretty rushed with the school run etc. and it was just me on my own after bringing Emilia in so there wasn't much point in whipping them up! So I had a slice of seeded toast with avocado (mashed up with a bit of salt & pepper) and some smoked salmon on top. I also had a black coffee & bottle of water.   

Mid morning I was hungry again and found this little snack box of nuts in Jonathan's office! These are really good - we picked some up at the train station in London the previous Friday...of course I devoured mine straight away and Jonathan forgot about his. It's one of Graze's boxes full of different kinds of nuts. I really like this one because it fills you up and is high in protein!

I ate lunch before picking Emilia up from school & bringing her swimming. This was a pretty big and filling salad which included chicken breast, butter beans, lettuce, red onion, sundried tomatoes, olive oil and salt & pepper. I also drank another bottle of water. 

After I got back from swimming I was exhausted and took a nap at about 4pm. We had had quite a late night the night before and I know it sounds ridiculous but swimming lessons are killing me at this late stage of pregnancy! I think it's the heat/humid environment coupled with lots of bending over with getting Emilia ready and showered afterwards. I honestly feel like I've run a marathon or climbed a mountain after I get back home! And I'm not even the one doing any swimming!

Traditionally on Pancake Tuesday my mum would always serve up savoury pancakes first, followed by sweet ones for dessert. So that's what we did this year...we had savoury crepes filled with chicken, mushroom & leeks. They were AMAZING! With this I had a bottle of water and then while I was waiting for my dessert (Jonathan's the expert pancake maker in our house), I ate two more plain pancakes on their own because I was so impatient! 

By the time all the pancake flipping was over, it was quite late but we all had our sweet pancakes together which was really nice. The kids & Jonatan had theirs with Nutella and I had mine with a dollop of Green & Blacks vanilla bean ice-cream and maple syrup. Best dessert ever! I was pretty stuffed afterwards (having eaten SIX pancakes, hahaha!) but it was totally worth it! 

By 9 o'clock I was exhausted and ready for bed, so I made myself a peppermint & licorice herbal tea, grabbed another bottle of water and headed to bed. That was honestly my favourite Pancake Day yet :) 

Check out my vlog from the day above! And let me know how you celebrated Pancake Tuesday! 


  1. Just saw the video Anna! Those pancakes looks so yummy!

  2. A lovely video Anna I really enjoyed watching it :):) :):) I like watching your vlogs and your a really nice family πŸ˜€πŸΆ❤️ those pancakes looked yummy what we did on pancake day was we eat pancakes and they were yummy :):) :):)

  3. everything looks so delicious!

  4. When Emilia thought the pancake was a napkinπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  5. One word, three letters YUM. :D

  6. Pancake Tuesday is the best! I am American but studied in Ireland and Northern Ireland for a couple of years for university and graduate school. My family and friends have loved that I've brought home the tradition of Pancake Tuesday and over the past couple of years we have made it a tradition in our household! After reading your blog post and watching your video(s), I might just have to have a pancake day again this weekend. ;)

  7. Never fails to watch your what I ate Wednesday in the middle of the night/when I am super hungry. Hahaha! Love you a ton Anna. <3 :D


  8. Anna everything looks great you always makes such great food choices also I love the bond between Emilia and Eduardo seeing them together makes my heart melt and brings a smile to my face and I can see the love between you and Jonathan is true love your whole family is a true inspiration to me

  9. Oh! Emilia's nails!!! How cute! And Eduardo thought your pancake was a napkin, ha! So cute!


  10. Hi Anna!
    Your blog has inspired me to start my own :) I've made a few posts and I'm really happy with it so far! Here's the link if anyone wanted to check it out: http://written-inink.blogspot.ca/
    Thank you for being such an inspiration, and I hope all is well with you, Jonathan, the kids, and the little baby!

  11. I don't even know what is the best place to leave a normal comment to you, I feel like it would get lost in the middle of all that crap people are saying. Just wanted to suggest you to try the 4Moms Mamaroo swing. It's been perfect for my babies and is usually best for those who don't enjoy the other swings. Mamaroo mimics the real life moves so the baby feels like it is in mommys arms!!

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