Mermaid Hair Tutorial

The irony of this blog post is that although the video I put up is all about how to achieve my wavy "mermaid hair", in these photos my hair is straight. Haha, oops! This is actually the outfit I wore on Halloween night. No I didn't dress up...I was too cold and getting all three kids (and the dogs believe it or not) into costumes proved difficult enough so I didn't bother! I do love our pumpkin family though, I think my favourite outfit posts are those taken around this time of year purely for the fact that these cute little orange guys make their annual cameo in the background! 

What I'm Wearing in This Outfit

Ribbed pink jumper - MiH Jeans (out of stock)
Distressed jeans - Ted Baker (out of stock)
Boots - YSL (out of stock)
Bracelets - Scorpio Zodiac Charm Bracelet in gold-plated (medium length)
Louis Vuitton Box it Bracelet (leather strap)
Rose gold watch - Michael Kors

- Bare Minerals Concealer in Summer Bisque
- Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige
- Bare Minerals Bronzer Warmth
- Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
- Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Love Glow Blusher
- BareMinerals Ready Luminizer Duo
- Benefit Browzings in 04
- Benefit 3D Browtones in 02
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette
- YSL Shocking Eyeliner Pen
- Benefit They're Real Mascara
- Bobbi Brown Lipliner in Cocoa
- Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kim K.W.

If you do want to see how I achieve my wavy hair look, then check out the video above! Here is a list of products I featured: 


  1. Your hair is stunning!! I can't believe how fast it grows!

    K A T E L A T E L Y II Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Beautiful Anna! You're an inspiration, sending love from Australia Xo

  3. Amazing outfit Anna! Love those boots ♥

  4. Looking gorgeous Anna! Love your comfy combo and straight as well as wavy hair! :)

  5. Your hair looks amazing. Great tutorial!

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous both curly and straight! I love the pink jumper.

    Gemma x

  7. Oh Anna, you are absolute goals!! Your hair is STUNNING :)

    Kerrabella |

  8. You look so beautiful Anna what is your secret haha!xx

  9. You look so beautiful Anna what is your secret!xx

  10. You look so beautiful Anna what is your secret haha!xx

  11. You look so beautiful Anna what is your secret haha!xx

  12. I love those jeans Anna - are they the same as the ones in the last post or just v. similar?

  13. A lovely blog post Anna I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):) your hair is beautiful I liked your mermaid hair video :):) :):)

  14. How do you keep your hair from knotting? When my hair reaches a certain length (much shorter than yours), it starts majorly acting up! You look beautiful! <3

  15. Your hair always looks so perfect! I know you're probably sick of hair requests but I would love to know your hair routine from wet to dry, what products are you using to keep it hydrated, how often are your getting it cut/colored that sort of thing!

  16. Anna,

    You should totally sign up for rewardstyle since you link all your products and you post your outfits! I think you would do really well with RewardStyle! Im part of that program and it's the best one out there for fashion bloggers and Instagrammers


  17. Your hair looks stunning Anna!

    Ellie xx


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