What I Ate Wednesday {18.4.18}

It's been a long time since I posted a What I Ate Wednesday but I know you guys miss them and I always get requests to bring them back so here you are! This was actually from two weeks ago when we were experiencing that heatwave (which is now long gone...sob). 

For breakfast I had two boiled eggs and a slice of wholegrain toast with butter, a black coffee and bottle of water. Jonathan and I have since switched to re-usable bottles and a water filter but this was right before then...just wanted to add that in as I know the environmentalists will be on my case! 

Between breakfast & lunch we took all six dogs for a walk together and by the time I got home I was starving! I had a ham & cheese sandwich (yes, this is the same exact bread I had for breakfast..haha!) with sticky pickle on the inside and toasted with a drizzle of olive oil on the outside. This makes it nice and crispy! I also had some pickles & cherry tomatoes as well as another bottle of water.

Later that afternoon I had a snack of carrot sticks & hummus. This was right before we had to take one of our dogs, Nivea to the vet as she got a tick :( She is fine now by the way! 

After getting home from the vet's I made myself a coffee using almond milk (the barista blend by Blue Diamond), an aeroccino frother and our Nespresso machine. 

Wednesday nights are date night and we ended up going to Bill's where I got my usual! This is the halloumi burger which comes with sweet chilli sauce, roasted peppers, red onions and hummus. I get mine with sweet potato fries and it comes with a garlic mayo dip. This is the best thing on the menu in my opinion! To drink I had water (super boring, I know).

You can't end date night without getting dessert...that's just the rules! Jonathan and I both got the cinnamon donuts which are so delicious! They come with strawberries, caramel & chocolate dipping sauce (the caramel one is the best). We are both obsessed with this dessert and even though I always promise myself I'll try something new I end up going with this one every time! 

That was everything I ate today! Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the video above! 


  1. I love your ‘W.I.A.W’ Thank you 😘 x

  2. Your food always looks so yummy! Alessia is growing so much. She is such a little cutie pie! I love her clothing. Well, all your kids have adorable clothing lol. I meant to tell you a long time ago that I love Alessia's crib. Sending cuddles from Chicago!

  3. That dessert looks so good!


  4. That looks so yummy Anna 😘👌💕

  5. Hi Anna,
    Love the what I eat vlogs!! Just to fill ya in Bewleys has re-opened in Grafton Street in Dublin! You must visit! Also do you think you would have recovered from ED without having a child? Thanks x

  6. Hi Anna, thanks for the video etc, I enjoy the what I ate. Just to let toy know that Bewleys has re-opened on Grafton Street in Dublin! You must visit!! Also want to ask, do you think you would have rexrecove from your ED if tou didn't have a child? Thanks xxx

  7. A lovely blog post Anna I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):)

  8. Aaaaaah yes! I'm glad these are back :) :) :)
    I have no idea why because - as you've said numerous times yourself - your what I ate's don't seem that adventurous and are sometimes repetetive, but I find myself reading through every one of you WIAW's over and over again. Maybe it's because they're real, simple and reliable?
    Anyway Anna, I feel like you've been glowing lately, judging from the vlogs and your personal content. I love to see that.You're one of my favorite youtubers.
    Have a good day! xx


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