What I Ate Wednesday {2.5.18}

Here's a look at what I ate last Wednesday! For breakfast I had natural yoghurt with mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries & raspberries) buried under granola! This is the yummiest breakfast for when the weather gets hot and I'm craving something fresh. I also had a black coffee & drank my water. My water bottle is from HydrateM8 by the way! I get so many questions about it and I actually bought one for Jonathan as well because they are so easy to use and remind you to drink throughout the day!  

For lunch I had a crab wrap which I've shown how to make in a vlog before but basically it's just crab meat (the white stuff, I'm not a fan of the brown one!), mayonnaise and a boiled egg. It's seriously my favourite wrap at the moment...in fact, anything with hard boiled eggs makes me happy lately! I also had some cherry tomatoes & cucumber and drank my water.

After lunch I was craving something sweet so I grabbed this apple & cinnamon Frusli bar. I recently started buying these and they really remind me of my childhood! My mum used to put Frusli bars in our lunchboxes when we were growing up and I don't think I had had one since then! I mostly like them because they're chewy, I can't stand hard granola bars! 

Afternoon Snack
A few hours later I was hungry again so I made myself a latte/cappuccino (I think this is more of a latte to be honest...I use the largest milk setting on my aeroccino!) with whole milk which has really been helping with my heartburn. I also had a handful of walnuts because I have to keep reminding myself to eat nuts...I just always forget about them and eat fruit instead!

Wednesdays are usually date night but I was feeling really unwell last week as I caught a cold from the kids and as I'm pregnant I couldn't take anything for it :( So I powered through but by the end of the day I was feeling pretty rotten. We decided to stay in and get a takeaway instead of going out to eat and got curries from Giggling Squid, our favourite Thai restaurant. I got red Thai chicken curry with brown rice and it was just what I needed! 

You know there's no way I would skip dessert (have you read my bio?!) so after dinner I had a bowl of ice-cream. This is my current absolute favourite flavour/brand ever, it's Crema di Grom which is an Italian vanilla ice-cream with bits of biscuit inside...I am obsessed! I even made it fancy for date night with these two hazelnut wafers, hahaha!

To drink all day I had water...I probably filled that bottle about three times which is a lot more than what I was drinking before! I hope you enjoyed this week's What I Ate, feel free to watch the video from today below. And let me know if you try this ice-cream...it is honestly the best!


  1. Hi Anna I hope you feel better soon. Also milk is great for heartburn when I was pregnant the midwives recommended it to me I don’t like drinking milk particularly but it does really work.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking but I absolutely love your hair colour do you know what shades your colourist uses for your balayage it looks so natural . Lots of love to you and your beautiful family x

    1. Thank you, yes it does really work against heartburn I couldn't believe it! I have no idea what colours she uses, but she's on Instagram under @alexandrasmith2015, maybe you could ask her on there! xx

  2. Wow that ice cream looks good, Anna! Hope you've had a good week!


  3. Absolutely love this series!! Thanks Anna


  4. Love your posts on here! ✨��

  5. Your dinner looked so delicious! I'm a big Thai curry lover and I always get a green curry chicken or a Massaman curry with veggies and tofu. I hope that you're feeling better and that the cold won't completely win over.


    1. Thank you! Yes I'm feeling much better this week :)

  6. Love and look forward to your WIAWs all the time! You've got me craving icecream now though �� Mmm

  7. I always watch/read these when I need some motivation to eat more mindfully and not just snack throughout the entire day!

  8. A lovely blog post post Anna I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):)

  9. Hi Anna,

    Your What I Ate Wednesdays are my favorite! That ice cream looks so delicious! I was wondering if you recall where the bowl that says Blackberry & Apple on the inside is from? I love it so much!


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