What I Ate Wednesday {16.1.19}

As we get used to our new home, I've been playing around with different backdrops for my blog pictures. This was my first time taking photos outside the front which started out as an effort to avoid the rain as this was a particularly wet & gloomy day! But because of our outside lights and the colours we painted our front door & posts (they used to all be a dark brown) I actually really like how this looks! We also changed the tiles and had the entire front of the house re-pointed (basically cleaned up the red brick and brought it back to its former glory). It's an Edwardian house so there is still plenty of work to be done! But we are getting there...slowly, haha! 

What I'm Wearing


Boots - Free People (out of stock)


14K Gold 5 Letter Necklace - Maya Brenner
PerlĂ©e Signature Gold Bracelet - Van Cleef & Arpels
Soleste Earrings in Rose Gold - Tiffany's


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  1. so aesthetically pleasing���� I love your house, hope you all are well❤️❤️

  2. Love watching your videos! No negativity here :) it’s great to see other moms live their life and the kaos of it all . I have 4 little ones so I know how crazy and busy it can be . Where do you get your sprouted rye bread from ? And the water title your always drinking out of

  3. Morning Anna... Just watched this video..loved it.. keep doing what you do and stay on the positive side of the street. You are inspiring me to think about what I eat.. I think I need to plan more xxx

  4. I'm from the states, so I'm not exactly sure what she is referring to as porridge? Is it just oatmeal? I'm assuming it is. It looks so good!

  5. Do you eat breakfast four hour from you wake up? Or do you have a fruit or somthing to break your night fast early in the morning?
    /All love from Sweden

  6. Absolutely love your new home and that sweater you’re wearing. It looks absolutely amazing on you Anna. Honestly it caught my eye immediately....so so pretty.

  7. Random question alert!! I am trying to drink lots of water at the moment and I was wondering, where did you get your bottle from? I love the colour and style so much, in love with your blogs and videos! Xx

  8. Hi Anna, love watching your videos, I have two boys 3 year old and a 10 month old. Just found out we are 20 weeks pregnant with our third! Which was a bit of a surprise! You are such an inspiration, you make being a mum of four look so easy. Can I ask what the make of your swing is that you use for Andrea, looks so good and I am thinking it might keep the new baby amused a bit while I am entertaining the other two. Many thanks Claire

  9. I absolutely love your new entryway Anna!


  10. Hey Anna, i love watching your what i ate wednesdays, but would you mind putting the pictures of all your foods like you used too again please? I really like being able to see them so I don't have to watch the whole video again! Thanks in advance :)


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