Why Dieting Doesn't Work

I absolutely love this jumper my mum gave me for Christmas! We got it on sale from Whistles while shopping together when we visited Ireland in December and I love how well it goes with these trousers! They are super old (I've had them since before babies) and one of the belt loops has ripped but I still love them and was really happy when I found them in a random box after we moved! 

Today's video deals with a topic I'm particularly passionate about and I really wish I had stumbled across something like this when I was a teenager as I know it could have saved me from years of silly behaviours & abusing my body. I hope I can help at least one person with the information I've shared. I truly believe that diets are horrible and can cause so many problems further down the road!

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Jumper - Whistles
Trousers - Selected Femme (old)
Boots - YSL (out of stock)


14K Gold 5 Letter Necklace - Maya Brenner
Perlรฉe Signature Gold Bracelet - Van Cleef & Arpels
Soleste Earrings in Rose Gold - Tiffany's


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  1. Anna, thank you so much for this video! I was struggling with some kind of eating disorder basically for the last 10 years. Sometimes I could get myself together and eat normally, but sometimes it was really hard. Since I found out your story I was so inspired by your thoughts and results – I realized that I don’t need to diet, I just have to find balance and live a better life with my favorite pasta and chocolate. Thanks for your honest stories and tips how to live good without deprivation. You just can’t imagine how you changed my way of thinking about myself. Wish you all the luck in the world! And, by the way, I love your jewelry line – I have two pieces and adore style and quality. Greetings from Moscow :)

  2. Hi Anna this is something that will help me as a teenager I never feel confident or happy in my body x you are my role model and my parents think you are such a good role model for me to have I love your videos xx thank you so much for inspiring me so much x love Holly ��

  3. I love how you are not afraid to speak out about important issues in our society- so many of my frwinds are “on a diet” and almost all of them are so much more miserable and they are perfect already! Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. You always have the best tips and give me the perfect motivation! I have tried many many times to get in better shape by opting for the short but hard solutions. And honestly they never worked. A few months ago i started doing the workouts u used to do at the beggining of youf fitness journey and by not looking for result right away after 1 week and actually enjoying it i realized that this is really a lifestyle that if u are commited and determined will grow on you and it becomes natural to do it. Not to mention also getting the results you want. My mom always used to tell me that patience is the key to everything you really want and now i get it.
    I love getting the positive vibes only from you ! Well done keep going and doing what u do best. Motivating and influencing people for the better ๐Ÿ’•

  5. I totally agree with you Anna! I think that it is important for everyone of all ages to look after themselves and this is the best way!

  6. I love this jumper! It has a lot of my favourite colours and it looks gorgeous on you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Gorgeous!! Love that jumper ♥♥♥

  8. Hi Anna! Thank you for this video, you’re amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. This is such an important video and I wish I could shove it in all my loved one's faces!
    Also, I love your jumper!

  10. Hey Anna! I usually don’t reply to any videos but I have watched your videos and your family vlogs for some years now. I have struggled with eating from my early teens up until now. In the earlier days I was really skinny but unhappy with it, today I am actually the opposite and still unhappy. Don’t get me wrong I am very pleased with my life and I enjoy it but I also like to be in ease with my body. You are right that you choose a healthy lifestyle for you and not for other people! My goal is to become healthy and I have to say that I truly admire you! I don’t know you personally but I am proud of you and you have achieved so much in the last years!! Thank you for being a role model to me, others and especially to your kids. I also thank you for introducing me to Lucy. I do her workouts a couple times a week and already see results!
    Wish me luck and all the best to you and your family! Xx

  11. For the last 2 years I have stuggled with eating too little, now over the past month I feel like I am starting to get out of that unhealthy mindset, this has really helped me! Thank you so much

  12. Thank you Anna for this video. I have been struggeling with an ed for 17 years and over the last years I gained a lot of weight. However in april i knew I needed to change things as i was getting health issues . Amongst other things you motiviated me to do better. And with normal eating and exersize I lost 25kg so far! I feel so much better about myself and the best thing is.. i didnt and still
    Dont diet! Just like you said normal eating and moving about :3. So Thank you amazing super woman for all you have done and still do ❤️

  13. I love this so much! I am now 22 away to turn 23 but I remember when I was a teenager and trying to lose weight and absolutely nothing worked at all! I felt so bad and was so unhappy with myself and always wanted to improve but didn't know how. I didn't realise how important your mental health is. I feel now I am suffering with my mental health and struggling to control myself and love myself and I feel like maybe all those years when I was a teenager hating myself has taken a massive impact on myself now. I honestly wish I knew this when I was younger and I am so happy now to have heard this, I'm not as young as I was but still young enough to change the way I think and love and I am excited to try this new healthy lifestyle out ❤️ thank you so much for this, you are a real inspirational woman and I look up to you so much!

  14. I loved this video! Could not agree more. I'm the same way with carbs. I have bread in the mornings and I have to have a cookie or two at some point during the day otherwise why are we here on earth?! :D


  15. Hey Anna,

    I've had a bad relationship with food for a long time and you have inspired me in a way that helped me get healthier. I have tried so many diets and workout regimes but none of it worked for me because I wasn't sticking to it. Watching your Insta Stories and YouTube videos has inspired me beyond comprehension. Thank you so much! I love you and your family and send you lots of love from India.

    Brown Girl Fitness


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