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People ask me all the time about my job.  Things like, what's it like working from home?  Do you make a good living?  What's it like being a stylist?  Is it secure?  What is it you actually do?  And so on.  I decided to answer a few of those questions right now and debunk all the rumours and myths going around...

1. What is it that you actually do?
I work as a freelance personal stylist.  I basically tell other women what to wear based on their body shape, colouring and lifestyle.  I have a lot of international clients so I do most of my work online.  I communicate via email and put together look books, style profiles and colour palettes for women who want to learn how to dress better and feel more confident.

2. How much money do you make?
I'm not going to tell you that, I'm afraid...hahaha.  I will say that it's difficult to get started but once you make a few good contacts and get your name out there, it gets easier.  My YouTube channel has definitely helped me gain exposure as a stylist.

3. What is it like working from home?
It's much more difficult than people think.  I love it, because it suits me and it suits my boyfriend (he also works from home as a freelance digital artist).  It definitely works with out lifestyle as we move around a lot but you need to be dedicated, hard working and very disciplined.  If you don't put the work in, you won't get paid!

4. How did you get into personal styling?
I started a fashion blog when I was in college (, now deleted) and working for a local newspaper as their fashion columnist.  (See picture above.)  I would answer questions on fashion and style and post them on my blog as well.  I started getting clients and work through the exposure I got and it just kind of went from there!


  1. Awesome job! That looks like a lot of fun! Your job looks cool but not as much as your blog:)


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