Oma's 80th Birthday!

I am currently in beautiful Connemara in the West of Ireland! This is my second time being here, and the first time I was really little so I didn't get to appreciate how gorgeous the scenery is! It is honestly such an amazing place, I definitely recommend visiting if you are in Ireland! I will probably make a video when I visit next time, with my boyfriend and puppy for our new channel.

My sisters and me in the car... Emma is camera-shy ;)

Erika and me (how cute are her hat and scarf?!)



I am staying at a hotel with my family from my mom's side to celebrate my Oma (grandma)'s 80th birthday. She is from Germany and she grew up during World War 2...she has so many interesting stories from that time, some of them are pretty scary.

Here she is writing postcards to her friends and family in Germany.

Stay Stylish!



  1. Your Oma is so adorable! I hope she is having a wonderful time. What is she doing in the picture? And I couldn't stop laughing at Jonathan & Albi's new video. They sure are missing you. :)

  2. Hey Charlotte! Thanks so much! :) She is writing postcards to all her friends in Germany...she does this any chance she gets, haha :) I know I got such a fright when I saw the vid!! I had no clue who that was coming out of the bedroom till he pulled up the goggles, LOL I'm an idiot!!

  3. your sister looks so pretty! how beautiful sisters you guys are!!
    i'm a huge fan of albi from japan <3

  4. I can't believe how hilarious your Jonathan is! :) Anna i will contact with you soon, want to ship you smth special :))if you have time go check my blog, it's abouth clothing, style and smth else i do at my own, you might love it:)

  5. Lovely blog!


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